Kate Jurd

Kate has experience and expertise in the development and delivery of eLearning and blended learning solutions. Kate is passionate about improving learning experiences through emerging technologies and innovative learning design.

Kate has been working for the past 11 years in post graduate medical education at a regional hospital in Queensland, Australia. She has introduced a number of online training programs and elearning initiatives to enhance the education of junior doctors and to support senior clinicians in their supervision, teaching and assessment roles.

Kate joined the Rural Clinical School, School of Medicine, University of Queensland in 2013 to provide leadership in the development of technology enhanced teaching and learning strategies to improve the delivery of learning and assessment through Phase 2 of the MBBS/MD program.

Kate work's with academic staff, subject matter experts and clinical teachers to conceptualise, design and develop resources and online content that generates active learning and student engagement.

Kate frequently speaks at conferences on blended learning, technology enhanced learning, learning and assessment design and the flipped classroom.

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