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  1. Hi Dr. Anthony,
    My son is a New Zealander who graduated this year from RCSI ( Malaysian campus, Kuala Lumpur). Being a foreigner he is not allowed to do his internship in Malaysia. Is there a pathway for him in Australia. We are intending to relocate to Australia soonAny advice wld be much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hello Vidya, your son would be best off completing his internship in another country such as Ireland, as the chances of gaining an internship in Australia are poor. And as I understand it not available for him at all in New Zealand.

      1. Hi Anthony , In regard your comment, my wife also graduated from Malaysian Uni and she couldn’t do intern there. We are now in Australia and for some reasons we can’t leave.
        Saying the chances are poor and acknowledging that this may be the only option we have, could you please state what these chances are and where to apply?

        1. Thanks Ahmed I’ve covered this in some of my many videos on internship on this blog and YouTube channel.
          I suggest you read the latest guide for internship for 2024 placements.
          should you need further help I have strategy calls available.

  2. Hi Dr Anthony,
    1. can an International graduate who graduated at end Dec 2022 from Victoria state, and is now back in his home country, apply for Internship this month?
    2. Will the chances be the same as those graduating at end of this year?
    3. Is the Temp-graduate-visa needed for this case? If so, should one be applying for it now?

    1. Hi Tom
      1. If you have previously graduated from an Australian medical school you are able to apply for an internship in a subsequent year. But if you have already completed an internship elsewhere you are not eligible (you don’t need an internship).
      2. You will be in the same priority group as in previous years. So same chances.
      3. You would need to be able to gain a work visa to take up your post.

  3. Hello, I am thinking of studying medicine in Monash Malaysia and I wanted to know what are my odds of getting internship in Australia? Even rural would be fine also it would be really helpful if you can let me know what are my other options regarding getting an internship in Australia like some rural program or something similar. One more question is that if I am unable to get an internship in Aus anf then if I complete my internship back home and want to apply for residency in Aus will I have to do any additional exams? Or can I just directly apply for RMO positions?

    1. You will most likely be able to obtain an internship here as you are included on the list of eligible students, albeit at the bottom.

      If you have completed a course that is overseen by the AMC (which is what you are doing) then you won’t need to sit the AMC exams.

  4. Hello Doctor. This article was helpful. As an immigrant seeking to get registered with Australian medical board via the competent pathway. How can I get clinical experience in Australia to qualify me. Can I be able to apply to some hospitals as resident doctor inorder to get the experience needed to apply for Australian board registration

  5. Hi Dr. Llewellyn,

    Hope you are well. I am currently a final year international medical student at Western Sydney university. As internship applications are opening soon I would like your opinion on a matter. I am aware that I would be considered as category 4 when they are recruiting students for internship. I was just wondering, if I had to apply for Metro only in NSW, for example, Blacktown/Campbelltown hospital, what are my chances of getting these hospitals? In addition, when you are allocating students, is it done on the basis of alphabetical order, CV review, or is it just random allocation? Would greatly appreciate your guidance on this matter.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Kadijah
      As a Category 4 applicant, you can dramatically boost your chances if you consider applying for a rural internship.
      There is no guarantee if you just go for the central round.
      The process of allocating is done by doing rounds based on the priority group of the applicants first and then applying an algorithm to allocate to vacancies within the round. The job of the algorithm is to essentially make as many people as happy as possible, ie. try to achieve an outcome where the majority of applicants get a spot at a location they ranked highly.
      Allocating by alphabetical order would very likely cause outrage amongst the medical student groups.
      Other than the rural internship there is no CV review as you don’t need to submit a CV in NSW.

  6. Hi Dr Llewellyn

    I’m an Australian citizen and soon to be IMG from the UK. Would I be able to apply to jobs in my F2 equivalent year in Australia? Also what are my chances of getting a job in a Sydney hospital?


    1. Hi Maddy you didn’t specify whether you are graduating in the UK. If so. The answer is yes to the first question. Probably to the second one. But you boost your chances if you are not so choosy.

  7. Hi Dr.

    My son is doing medicine in Monash Malaysia which is accredited to AMC, hence I was told he does not need to do AMC exams, is this correct?
    Also can he apply for internship in Australia and what his chances getting a placement even in a rural area?

    1. Yes. You are correct.
      If your son applies for rural posts he will likely get a position here. But should hedge his chances with applying for internship in Malaysia as well.

  8. Hi Anthony,
    I am an Australian citizen and I just received an offer for undergraduate medicine at the university college of Dublin. Since it is listed under the competent pathway by the AMC is there any chance at all of securing an internship in Australia as an IMG with Australian citizenship? I could also complete my internship in the UK or Ireland and then apply through the competent pathway to get a registrar position in Australia. So I guess my main question is do you think completing a medical degree in the UK/Ireland is worthwhile if i’m trying to practice here compared to trying to get into postgraduate medicine in Australia through GPA/GAMSAT. The main concern about postgraduate medicine for me is the possibility of not getting in after multiple attempts and then not knowing what to do with my life.

    1. Hello, if you have an offer in Ireland then this is a good option for you. It’s only going to delay you by a couple of years in terms of getting into training in Australia.

      1. Right so do you think the probability of me getting a residency (even if it takes more then 1 year) back in Australia is greater then the likelihood of me getting into postgraduate medicine here. Also after getting a residency in Australia can I specialise like other Australian medical graduates or will there be seperate hurdles I’ll have to face. Thanks.

        1. Assuming “here” is Ireland.
          I don’t know enough about the system in Ireland to comment and it would obviously depend on the specialty. But I would say your chances are good either way.
          After completing your general registration in Australia, as an Australian citizen, you would be able to apply for specialty training in Australia on the same footing as someone who has graduated here. The only issue you might face is the 10 year Medicare moratorium which by the time you finish most specialties, other than general practice, is only probably going to affect you for 2-4 more years.

  9. Hi Anthony,
    I am a final year medical student in Tbilisi, Georgia. Here after completion of 6 years of medical education, there is no internship programs. Students go to residency programs directly. As you have mentioned that getting an intern position in Australia is very hard, should I directly apply to a RMO/PGY2? and if so how should I get registration since they need evidence/transcript of internship?

    1. You definitely will need evidence of your registration. You would attempt via the AMC Standard Pathway process.

      1. Hi Anthony,
        I am an Australian citizen living in Australia (finished high school in 2021) and just got an offer for undergraduate medicine at the university college of Dublin. Since this is listed under the competent pathway by the AMC and being a Australian is there any chance of securing an internship here? Conversely I could complete my internship over in Ireland or the UK and then apply for residency in Australia. I was just hoping for some advice on my situation. Thanks.

        1. Hello John
          Even being an Aus citizen you will find it difficult to gain an internship here. However, if you complete your first year in either Ireland or the UK you will be eligible for the CA pathway.

      2. Hi Anthony, do we have to be registered in another country before applying for registration in Australia?

        1. Not necessarily. Some countries don’t offer doctor registration until you get to a certain level of seniority. But it may make it more difficult to prove to the Medical Board of Australia that you are in good standing.

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