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  1. While I was reading the “Spaced Repetition Theory”, I couldn’t help but remember my first year in Med School. I had a mid year Anatomy exam, and decided I’d have time to study the WHOLE Anatomy curriculum, the night before.
    As expected, it didn’t go too well!!
    From that moment on, I decided to change my whole “learning” strategy.
    Why I was learning,? how I was learning? and what the outcome would be.
    It was life changing.
    I was implementing the Spaced Repetition Theory. When I learnt a topic in class, I’d read through it before I went to bed.
    On the weekend, I’d review all the weeks classes. And repeated that cycle every fortnight.
    I also linked what I studied to my practical work and quizzed myself regularly with MCQ and essay questions I found online.
    It had a huge impact on me, my university experience and as a practicing physician.

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