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  1. Hi.
    I am currently doing my internship in India. I know that to work or do residency in Australia I need to clear AMC part 1 & 2 but I want to know what happens after that? Do I still have to do unpaid internship or I can start working in Australia? Also how to go about doing masters in surgery in aus ?

    1. Hello Attama,

      This is a very common question that I get asked. I actually deal with this in this post and other blog posts as well as my videos. I would kindly ask that you review these.

  2. Hi. For Newzealand citizens if graduated from Monash university Malaysian campus are eligible to apply for house officer internship in australia? Secondly, the internship weeks will be considered if attached with a GP in private centre.

    1. Hi you would be eligible to apply for internship but would be at the very bottom of the eligibility list. I’m not sure what your second question is about. Can you provide more details?

    2. Salaam Dr Khan
      Did you secure an internship ? where ? I am a medical graduate from Ireland and Australian citizen. How should I apply for internship/resident medical roles ? what are my options and chances?

  3. Hi Anthony,

    May I please ask what is the possibility of gaining internship in another state from where you graduated in?

    I was told that by next year it should be commonplace to move interstate?

    Thank you.

  4. Sir,
    Iam doing my MBBS( MD ) from Kyrgystan and am I able to do internship inAusralia? What are the requirements to get admission? Can you please guide me.

  5. Hi Dr Anthony, My daughter did her intern year last year (2019). The hospital gave her a borderline pass for ED and asked her to repeat it. She repeated the ED at the start of this year. Unfortunately she contracted a bacterial or viral infection from the emergency department half way through the 10 weeks term. She completed the 10 weeks sometimes not feeling 100%. Resulting in the hospital failing her again. Now that she is a lot better she has applied to the hospital to redo the ED term. They have told her they have a full complement of interns and no long have a position for her. We have emailed all the hospitals in QLD and no one has a vacant ED position for her. Without an ED position she will lose her provisional registration and all those years of study will be down the drain and her MD degree will be useless. Where does she go to from here?

    1. Hi Vicki, that sounds like a very distressing situation.

      I am sure that there is a lot more detail here. My first suggestion is that your daughter should be talking to her union if she is a member.

      This is a great example of why all doctors should join a union. There’s a case to be made that the employer has a fiduciary responsibility to support your daughter to at least enable her to attempt to obtain general registration and possibly also a case around unfair dismissal. In some other States of Australia, the interns are given 2 or 3-year contracts which help to avoid these terrible situations.

      Best wishes

  6. Hi thanks for your guide -> very helpful!
    I’m a medical student from Perth, in regards to trying to get an internship at a hospital interstate ie melbourne, is it near impossible, how hard is it?
    Because, for example, I went on the Royal Melbourne hospital and saw that the priority for internship by interstate is the 3rd and last priority in there admissions (1st being PR/citizen of the state, 2nd being international residents of the state, then interstate).

    Also, does GPA matter 🙂

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Jack each State does its priority list slightly differently. Victoria puts international students of Vic medical school above all students from other States/Territories, whereas most other States/Territories put Aus Citizen or PR medical students from other jurisdictions second. It’s not impossible to get an interstate internship. It’s in fact very possible if you are not too choosy about where you go. Each jurisdiction has its own processes for selection but generally, GPA has very little impact on your application.

  7. I will not have completed my 47 weeks by the end of my 3rd year-is it possible to extend the 3 years.I have been sick.
    Also I have been told that an intern rotation early in the 3 years will not count as it was too long ago.

    1. Hello Sally, sorry to hear you haven’t been well. There used to be a rule that you had to complete your internship in 3 years but I can no longer find a reference to this on the Medical Board site. There is a reference to completing within 3 years if part-time. Generally, the Board will be lenient and work with you to help you try and complete internship. You would obviously have to apply for a further extension. If you are a member of a Medical Defence organisation its worth discussing your case with them.

  8. Hello,

    Would appreciate your recommendation.
    My sister is completing her medical school from south africa and is willing to do her internship here in Australia. I am currently working as SRMO under NSW Health and want my sister to join me.

    Can you kindly suggest me how my sister can apply for Medical internship?

    Your advise will be highly appreciated.

    1. Hello Farahan I have blogged and vlogged on this topic several times. Internship in Australia is not a viable option for IMGs. Your sister will need to think about completing her internship in South Africa and undertaking the Standard Pathway process.

  9. Hi,
    I am an Australian citizen and I intend to do a medicine degree in Sri Lanka? Am I able to do internship in Australia (after completing 5 years in MBBS degree programme)?

  10. Hi, I’m an Australian citizen and third year medicine student in Europe. Upon graduation and clearing AMC examination how tough would it be for me to gain internship (PGY1)? (Also are there any set limit of internships for IMGs?)

    If getting internship is next to impossible in my scenario as being an IMG, what other route can I take to be able to apply for AGPT program in rural area to become a GP?

    Thanks heaps

    1. Hi Khan as discussed on this blog you are unlikely to get an internship position. Your best course of action is the AMC and then applying for Resident posts. I would say with being a recent graduate and with citizenship your chances are reasonably high.

  11. was just wondering how likely going to melb or syd is if i apply as a SA graduate, and will it become harder or easier in the future? thanks!

    1. To answer the first part = unlikely as the majority of NSW and Vic doctors want to work in Melbourne or Sydney. You might sneak into an unpopular network or hospital on the fringes of these capitals though. Generally its pretty easy to migrate between States as an RMO.

  12. Hi Dr. Anthony,

    Thank you for this wonderful website you build. I am wondering of some questions lately. My situation is, now my wife are doing medical residency in Russia (Ordinatura) which is only 2 years then will continue to 3 years research doctoral. She will continue her fellowship in some country in Europe including Canada and secure her Canada medical license.

    Will this all experience suit for her to be registered as specialist in Australia without the AMC exam?

    We are both not an Australian citizen nor permanent resident.

    Thank you again for all the information.

    Regards from Russia.

    1. Hello Errol if your wife can secure the LMCC and work in Canada then she can avoid the need for AMC.

  13. Dear Dr. Anthony,

    I am an international student in my final year of med school studying in Victoria. Due to some family issues, I can’t start my internship next year and will need to defer it until the following year (a 2023 start), however I am not sure if this is possible for category 2 students (international students graduating from Vic), as I can only find defer request forms for category 1 students.

    Are there any options available for international students to continue their training after a year off after graduation, and if so what can be done?

    Thank you for all the information you’ve provided and your assistance with this matter. Happy Easter!

    Best regards,
    Charlotte Lee

    1. I would speak to the PMCV directly Charlotte. My understanding is that if you are made an offer you may defer regardless of category. But this may have changed.

      1. Thank you for your reply, I’m also waiting for a reply from PMCV but hopefully they will get back to me soon. I hope your Easter has been well.

  14. Thanks Dr, this was a very helpful guide!
    I’m a local aussie medical student at the moment, halfway through medical school hoping to pursue surgical training in the future.
    Is where I do internship + prevocational training years important in the grand scheme of things (eg. different cities / regional vs metro etc.?

    Also as someone knowledgable on the matter, do you think the Australian training system will change to something similar to the US Match process (like canada did) in the near future?


    1. Hi Chris thanks for reading.
      For your first question. No. For most specialties, it does not matter where you do your internship as usually, you have a chance to do that specialty at whatever hospital you are based at.
      For the second question. No. I can’t see this happening any time soon. We recently had a massive review of internships in this country. And in the scheme of things not much really changed.

  15. Hello !
    I will be graduating in May 2022 from National University of Ireland Galway. I am an Indian Citizen. How can I apply for internship and what are chances for the same in Australia.

  16. Hi Anthony
    My Son is a SriLankan who graduated in medicine in Sydney Australia in 2020 and is now a medical intern in a Sydney hospital on a 2 year contract ending December 2022
    He is keen to train as a GP for which he has to have PR in Australia by necessity
    How does he obtain PR in Australia as I am told it’s tough to apply and get it from Sydney
    What’s your Advise

    1. Your son should talk to his local GP Training Organisation. In this case GP Synergy. You don’t necessarily need PR or citizenship to apply for GP training.

  17. Hi Anthony, thank you very much for this very comprehensive article, I’m studying in Australia but my girlfriend is an Indonesian and she’s currently on her last 3 semesters of medical school in the Philippines, she told me about the standard pathway to work as a doctor here in Australia, but i still have some questions regarding this and I can’t seem to find the answers on the government’s official website, does she need to have a medical license or will her medical degree be enough to apply for the AMC CAT?

    Her original plan was to get ECFMG certified and work in the US, so she’s currently studying for USMLE, my question is, if she decided to pursue this, will it be recognized in Australia? Does she need to take the AMC test again to work here?

    Thank you very much for your time

  18. Hi there!
    This was a great read! Final year domestic medical student here who recently got engaged, wondering what the process is like for change of name during provisional registration, i.e. graduating MBBS under my maiden name and wanting to ultimately practice under my married name (with legal change of name occurring in the weeks prior to commencing internship, but likely after applying to AHPRA – which my understanding is typically 6w prior to graduation?).
    Am aware of AHPRA’s change of name form – when is the best time for change of name with AHPRA (with whom my student registration is under my maiden name) to minimise the paperwork involved? Wanting to compare from applying for provisional registration/graduating/while holding provisional registration/waiting for full registration? Will there be any issues given my degree has been awarded under my maiden name? (Unsure it would be legal to change my name that far in advance of getting married?) Think you can ask for your degree to be retrospectively awarded to another name provided you can supply proof of change of name, but again more paperwork I would be hoping to avoid if possible!
    Thanks for your help!

    1. That’s a great question.
      I don’t suppose you have considered the merits of retaining your maiden name for professional purposes?

      1. Have definitely given it thought but always open to hearing a new take on it – particular reasons you would recommend against change of name?
        Would also be interested in the process of change of name if there would be specific issues encountered before/during/after registration?

        1. Hi Jess
          I think the major pro to consider is that sadly the rates of divorce in professional couples are quite high.
          I think timing your name change to avoid the most bureaucratic headaches makes the most sense. It may be more sensible to wait until after you have obtained general registration. That way the main issues you are going to deal with mainly just change around your name in the hospitals you work in. From a professional perspective, it generally becomes most difficult to change your name after you achieve specialty status. As at this point you have achieved a reputation as Dr X the A Specialist. Which you are then attempting to alter to Dr Y the A Specialist.
          Hope that helps.

  19. Hey Anthony, will the AMC Proposed Changes to PGY1&2 delay myself from attaining FRACGP after graduating from medical school by a year?

    I am currently on the way to graduate in 2025 and enter internship (PGY1) in 2026. While general registration is still going to be attained after PGY1, I was wondering how the 2nd mandatory year of internship will affect entrance to GP Training? Will the 2nd year of internship be accredited as my 12 months in hospital for GP training? Will I still be able to attain fellowship after PGY4 if I go into GP training as soon as allowed in the new post-graduate environment after the AMC Proposed Changes are implemented in 2024?

    1. Hi Gary my understanding is nothing is going to change for you. Traditionally the earliest you have been able to enrol in GP is in PGY1 for PGY2. But then the PGY2 year is done as your hospital year. There are some things you need to get done during this year, such as your paediatric experience.

  20. Hi Anthony,
    I am a final year medical student in Tbilisi, Georgia. Here after completion of 6 years of medical education, there is no internship programs. Students go to residency programs directly. As you have mentioned that getting an intern position in Australia is very hard, should I directly apply to a RMO/PGY2? and if so how should I get registration since they need evidence/transcript of internship?

    1. You definitely will need evidence of your registration. You would attempt via the AMC Standard Pathway process.

      1. Hi Anthony,
        I am an Australian citizen living in Australia (finished high school in 2021) and just got an offer for undergraduate medicine at the university college of Dublin. Since this is listed under the competent pathway by the AMC and being a Australian is there any chance of securing an internship here? Conversely I could complete my internship over in Ireland or the UK and then apply for residency in Australia. I was just hoping for some advice on my situation. Thanks.

        1. Hello John
          Even being an Aus citizen you will find it difficult to gain an internship here. However, if you complete your first year in either Ireland or the UK you will be eligible for the CA pathway.

  21. Hi Anthony,
    I am an Australian citizen and I just received an offer for undergraduate medicine at the university college of Dublin. Since it is listed under the competent pathway by the AMC is there any chance at all of securing an internship in Australia as an IMG with Australian citizenship? I could also complete my internship in the UK or Ireland and then apply through the competent pathway to get a registrar position in Australia. So I guess my main question is do you think completing a medical degree in the UK/Ireland is worthwhile if i’m trying to practice here compared to trying to get into postgraduate medicine in Australia through GPA/GAMSAT. The main concern about postgraduate medicine for me is the possibility of not getting in after multiple attempts and then not knowing what to do with my life.

    1. Hello, if you have an offer in Ireland then this is a good option for you. It’s only going to delay you by a couple of years in terms of getting into training in Australia.

      1. Right so do you think the probability of me getting a residency (even if it takes more then 1 year) back in Australia is greater then the likelihood of me getting into postgraduate medicine here. Also after getting a residency in Australia can I specialise like other Australian medical graduates or will there be seperate hurdles I’ll have to face. Thanks.

        1. Assuming “here” is Ireland.
          I don’t know enough about the system in Ireland to comment and it would obviously depend on the specialty. But I would say your chances are good either way.
          After completing your general registration in Australia, as an Australian citizen, you would be able to apply for specialty training in Australia on the same footing as someone who has graduated here. The only issue you might face is the 10 year Medicare moratorium which by the time you finish most specialties, other than general practice, is only probably going to affect you for 2-4 more years.

  22. Hi Dr.

    My son is doing medicine in Monash Malaysia which is accredited to AMC, hence I was told he does not need to do AMC exams, is this correct?
    Also can he apply for internship in Australia and what his chances getting a placement even in a rural area?

    1. Yes. You are correct.
      If your son applies for rural posts he will likely get a position here. But should hedge his chances with applying for internship in Malaysia as well.

  23. Hi Dr Llewellyn

    I’m an Australian citizen and soon to be IMG from the UK. Would I be able to apply to jobs in my F2 equivalent year in Australia? Also what are my chances of getting a job in a Sydney hospital?


    1. Hi Maddy you didn’t specify whether you are graduating in the UK. If so. The answer is yes to the first question. Probably to the second one. But you boost your chances if you are not so choosy.

  24. Hi Dr. Llewellyn,

    Hope you are well. I am currently a final year international medical student at Western Sydney university. As internship applications are opening soon I would like your opinion on a matter. I am aware that I would be considered as category 4 when they are recruiting students for internship. I was just wondering, if I had to apply for Metro only in NSW, for example, Blacktown/Campbelltown hospital, what are my chances of getting these hospitals? In addition, when you are allocating students, is it done on the basis of alphabetical order, CV review, or is it just random allocation? Would greatly appreciate your guidance on this matter.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Kadijah
      As a Category 4 applicant, you can dramatically boost your chances if you consider applying for a rural internship.
      There is no guarantee if you just go for the central round.
      The process of allocating is done by doing rounds based on the priority group of the applicants first and then applying an algorithm to allocate to vacancies within the round. The job of the algorithm is to essentially make as many people as happy as possible, ie. try to achieve an outcome where the majority of applicants get a spot at a location they ranked highly.
      Allocating by alphabetical order would very likely cause outrage amongst the medical student groups.
      Other than the rural internship there is no CV review as you don’t need to submit a CV in NSW.

  25. Hello Doctor. This article was helpful. As an immigrant seeking to get registered with Australian medical board via the competent pathway. How can I get clinical experience in Australia to qualify me. Can I be able to apply to some hospitals as resident doctor inorder to get the experience needed to apply for Australian board registration

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