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  1. Dear Dr
    I am international medical doctor from caribbean and did clinical rotations in USA. I completed step1 and step2 and had ECFMG certification. I am appearing step 3 soon and also applying residency in USA. Am I eligible to compentant pathway in Australia and if not how I can apply for limited registration. . I am Canadian. I may not have problem in gettting Australian visa. Please advice. Thanks.

    1. Hi as per the Medical Board requirements you will need 2 years of ACGME accredited residency training.

  2. Hi Anthony

    Your post is very informative. I am doing fellowship specialist training in Respiratory medicine(5 yrs training) from Aalborg University hospital, Denmark (EU), will be completed next Sept.2021. I have also passed MRCP part1 and 2, waiting for PACES(Part 3) exam. I am planning to move Australia . I need your advice regarding overseas trained physician evaluation( Specialist pathway). I am 44yr old, holding Indian passport( Primary degree MBBS from India), is there any problem for getting Australian visa( Point based visa).

    1. Hi, I don’t like to give specific advice re visas as I am not a migration agent. The issue you will face is obtaining a post. If you get that you will probably be able to get a visa.

  3. I’m a new graduate of public health and health promotion from Uganda and a registered nurse who was working in Australia between 2011 and 2012. My circumstances are that, I’m now overseas and interested in participating in skill enhancement activities relating to regional, community health/community nursing or farmers health Australia. Can I find such a position in AoN?

  4. I am an Indian medical graduate with postgraduate diploma in Anesthesiology DA (2yr)program. AND 10YR POST PG experience
    How to proceed

      1. Hi Anthony! My wife has done 3 year post graduate training in Gynae and Obs. speciality and has over 2 year experience in the same field subsequently. Is she eligible for AON?

        1. I don’t see a heap of AON posts for O&G. RANZCOG has a fairly hard barrier now around needing a formal training program of at least 5 years.

  5. I am orthopedic surgeon currently working in dubai .
    Post graduation done from india DNB orthopaedic surgery in 2014
    Am i eligible for aon vacancies.!!?
    Please guide me regarding process .
    My email address
    [email protected]

  6. Hi there Llewellyn,

    Thanks for your informative post!

    My wife graduated overseas and in her 2nd year of residency, planning to specialize in ophthalmology. She is not a permanent resident yet, but will become soon. Do you think it is realistic to hope that she can redo her residency in Australia without permanent residency (but with eligible partner visa) and gain specialty in ophthalmology following that (and hopefully she will be an Australian permanent resident)? How does ophthalmology field look in terms of competition for international graduates?

    Thanks for your input in advance.


    1. Anything is possible. Ophthalmology is hard to get into. I’d recommend your wife take a clarity call with me.

  7. hi, i hold a master degree of pediatrics from EGYPT 2009, with MRCPCH 2017 , with 1 year experience work in UK , am i eligible for AON and how to proceed plz, thanks

    1. AoN is very much an illusions these days. Sounds like you are eligible for the Specialist Pathway.

  8. Hello,
    I am currently completing my specialist training as a Radiologist in Germany. I have a dual citizenship (USA and German) and I am married to an Australian. I would like to move to Australia and work as a specialist there once I have obtained my specialist certification in Germany. I am not sure whether or not I will apply for an AoN position, but my question is regarding the specialist recognition pathway. Is there anything I need to do regarding the application process prior to completing my specialist training? (eg. applying for a visa or any other documents I may need) or should I wait until I obtain my specialist certification before beginning the application process? I am asking as I would like to make the application and move as smooth as possible without any setbacks or delays. Also, is it possible if I find a training position that my employer will cover some of the costs? Or does that only apply for AoN positions?

    1. Hi Sam there are generally good opportunities for radiologists there. Its a complex process and you have lots of questions that you are looking for answers for. I’d suggest booking one of my calls and we can get you sorted. Good Afternoon

      Thanks for your query

      The process of becoming a doctor in Australia can be confusing.

      In order to best help you, I would recommend you book one of our Risk-Free Clarity Calls. (Or you might prefer to call this a Strategy Call).

      These are reasonably priced. And you can book straight after payment.

      If you don’t feel you get value from the call I offer a no questions asked refund policy.

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