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  1. My qualifications include a National diploma for health inspectors,
    B,Sc. with chemistry and microbiology majors, B.Sc.Hons. in Chemistry and M.B. Ch. B. followed by internship ana36 years in a rural medical practice.
    I registered with the Tasmanian Medical Council during my visit to Australia 1n 1996 but due to my first wife’s illness and subsequent demise I could not pursue the adventure of migration nor could I continue my correspondence course in mechatronics through the University of Southern Queensland. I have been successful in getting admission in December last year but the stumbling block is showing proof of 500000 in my personal bank account for at least 3 months.

  2. Hi Anthony,
    I am feeling a bit frustrated after reading the whole post however, I must say that you are the first person who has given a concise and accurate explanation of the subject.
    I would like to know if I am on the right way, and what are my chances of finding a job.
    I am a Spanish medical graduate with two specialisations, one in Family Medicine and the other in clinical Microbiology. I worked as a GP in Spain for more than 10 years, but I haven’t worked for the las 4 years.
    Now, after passing the MCQ medical test and the OET I would like to find a job, but I guess that my only option (as I can’t go to a remote area right now) is as a trainee, at a hospital or in the emergency department of an approved private hospital.
    Am I right? Any piece of advice?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Maria, you appear to be on the right track with your thinking there. If you would like to dig deeper into your particular circumstances then we offer strategy call bookings to help.

  3. Hi Anthony, hope you are well, I have approved as partially comparable by RACP as general paediatrician, currently working in Saudi Arabia as consultant in general pediatrics since 9 years, and have postgraduate experience about 10 years. Actually I am a bit frustrated because since 5 months trying to secure a job in Australia and applied for many opportunities, but unfortunately only catch one interview and rejected by others. The RACP letter validity 2 years. I feeling stressful as a time running out, I have good experience with feeling an good candidate, can you guide me how to get the job. Thank you so much.

    1. Thanks Nawar
      Happy to help. I’d suggest you book one of my Strategy Calls and we can have a look into what is best. Anthony

  4. Hi Anthony!
    I’m a medical oncologist trained in the UK.
    I have PR through my wife(she is Australian) and recently got my FRACP after peer-review.
    I know that to bill medicare for private services I have to work in DWS.
    However,everyone keeps saying me that the 19AB restrictions also apply for specialist jobs in public hospitals.Is that correct?of what I understand having read the legislation,that’s not the case as you’re a salaried or contracted employee and you don’t attract any benefits to yourself,except for private patients in public hospitals where of course you can’t bill medicare if the hospital is not in a DWS.

    1. Hi, George, no it’s not the case that 19AB restricts you in public hospitals.
      Public hospitals might refuse to offer you a job on the basis that you can’t bill Medicare for private patients. But they are on fairly shaky ground if they do so.
      It might affect what sort of contract you are offered. Generally, you won’t get a visiting medical officer appointment.

  5. Hi Anthony
    I have a unique situation for which I seek your guidance. I am an IMG with an Opthalmology degree and 5yrs of consultant experience in my home country. I recently came to Aus as I was selected for a Fellowship program in Perth. I am also a Permanent resident.
    Hence my understanding is section 19AA will apply to me , is that right ?
    If this applies , are there any exemption to it ? I do not want to apply to the specialist college as yet , given I do not have sufficient local experience . However I want to work as a consultant in a DWS area. Is that possible given my residential status ?
    Please guide

    1. I would recommend you take a strategy call with me and we can look at your situation in more detail.

  6. Hi Anthony,
    I am an Australian citizen in my final year of medical school in the UK and I would like to come back home to work. After obtaining general registration via the competent pathway, am I still restricted to work at a rural hospital for 10 years?

    1. Hi, Basil, it’s more nuanced than that. It’s about where and how you can access Medicare for billings. Not about public hospitals per se as you don’t generally need to be able to access Medicare billings to work in a rural hospital.

  7. Am I correct in saying that,
    If I get into a training program, for example dermatology, I can practise in non-rural places and it would still count towards the moratorium?

    1. The 10-year countdown on the moratorium starts the minute you are registered. It does not matter where you work (or indeed whether you work) so long as you remain registered.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I was asking, because of the moratorium, I won’t be able to work in cities. But if I join a training program, will I be able to work in cities?

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