4 pathways to medical registration Australia

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  1. Hi I am 45 years old, completed MRCP exam,working in UK for 8 months as a registrar in respiratory medicine. Is it possible to work in UK as a registrar in medicine or respiratory medicine? Please let me know,as I am interested to work in Australia.

  2. First of all thanks for this fantastic post and all the hel you provide por IMG though your website.
    I am on my PGY-4 in Geriatric Medicine in Spain, pllanning to take the short term specialist trainining pathway. My goal would be to apply to a registrar position (the equivalent to my European position), and guidelines from RACP and MBA suggest, as a first step oin the pathway, to find the position, and then getting verified by the AMC, the College, and the AHPRA. Nevertheless, my impression is that I won’t be accepted in any position if I am not approved by these organizations I just mentioned. Please, could you help in this issue?

    1. Hi Fernando you are on the right track. I’d suggest a strategy call and we can go over it all for you in more detail.

  3. Hi. I am an internist, cardiologist and hemodynamicist interventional, I would like to get advice from you, but first I have a question. I was reviewing the list published by Australia of professions in demand (MLTSSL) and my supra specialty does not appear. does this have any implications? not needed in this territory? Have you had any experience with hemodynamic cardiologists? can I apply? thaks so much for the orientation

    1. Hi Claudia there’s not much demand in Australia for cardiologists. Its an oversubscribed subspecialty.

  4. Hello, I am Indian national trained in general surgery from south Africa. How do i get to work in Australia plus get plastic surgery training. What help MRCS will provide.Thank you

    1. Hi Supreet. There’s really a few questions there. Its impossible for me to guide you without knowing more details. I’d suggest a strategy call. It sounds like you might have a shot at specialist pathway but I’d need to know more and it will be tough getting into general surgery here. Plastics will be even tougher.

  5. Hello, I am Mike . I had my medical education in Nigeria 5 years ago and I amcurrently working in SSaudi Arabia. My desire is to work in AUSTRALIA. what pathways would be ideal for me as am not a specialist? Any advice?

    1. Id need to know more about your profile to advise if its worth applying for the specialist pathway. I’d suggest booking an initial Zoom call.

  6. Hello, First I would like to thank you for this extremely helpful post.

    Iam a consultant radiologist from Egypt, holding MD degree and passed egyptian board exams in diagnostic and interventional radiology. Iam seeking short term specialist training in australia, interested in abdominal imaging and body interventional radiology.

    I would like to know more about where to find and how to apply for these positions, your help would be greatly appreciated.


    My email address: [email protected]

  7. I have MD in Radiology (and training) from Sri Lanka. I am currently doing a fellowship in UK and completed FRCR. If I want to move to Australia and work as a consultant, what is the easier method

    1. Complete CESR pathway and apply from specialised pathway?
    2. Complete PLAB and get one year of supervised training and then go for AMC registration

  8. Hello. First of all many thanks for useful advices.
    I am from Turkmenistan and I am graduated from Military medical academy on 2005 as general practitioner in Turkey. From 2005 till now I am working as General practitioner in different posts. What can I do to get permanent residency in Australia to work.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, the pathway to permanent residency for IMG doctors is to generally obtain a post here first under a Visa and the appropriate registration pathway. It sounds like you might have some options with the RACGP process.

  9. Greetings Dr. Anthony Llewellyn,

    First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to help out with advice.

    My name is Michael Rodriguez. I am a US IMG currently, in my last year of medical school in Cuba. I am planning to do a medical residency in Psychiatry in El Salvador.

    My plan is to go through the specialist pathway in Australia.
    Since the psychiatry program in San Salvador is 3 years and does cover most of the RANZCP’s curriculum and I would do the board certification of El Salvador, I really just wanted to know if I would most likely qualify for partial comparability; mostly because the psychiatry program is 3 years long and does fulfill most of the college’s skills, requirements.

    Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule and I of course want to thank you for the help in advance.


    Michael Rodriguez
    US IMG
    MD Candidate: Universidad de Ciencias MĂ©dicas de La Habana/ELAM

    1. Hi Michael, I’m not familiar with the El Salvador program. I would say a 3-year program, in general, is putting you at risk of being found non-comparable. The minimum length of training here is 5 years for psychiatry.

  10. Hi, this was really comprehensive!

    I’m a Malaysian citizen who have recently graduated from an Irish medical school (Eligible off-shore program Category F with PLAB exemption) and will be starting my Foundation Training in the UK this coming Aug 2022. My plan is to head over to Australia during F3 and hopefully get a job there.

    My question is:
    1) How difficult would it be to secure a visa in my case? I would be on a Tier 2 visa in UK and it’ll be a leap of faith to switch to Australia given that I’m not a PR in UK/Australia.

    2) I understand that I should fall under Competent Authority Pathway given that I have a recognisable degree + will be completing my foundation year training in UK. Would the fact that I was PLAB exempted lead to any potential issue when trying to apply under this pathway?

    Thank you in advance for your advice!

    1. Hi and thanks
      1) If you get a job offer your employer should help you out with a sponsored visa. So should not be a problem.
      2) Won’t be an issue. Just make sure you spell out to the employers why you are eligible for CA as you have a fairly unique path.

  11. Thank you so much for this comprehensive post, Anthony!
    I was wondering if you could shed some light into my doubts.
    I’m an Argentine trained doctor and before residency here I successfully passed all 3 USMLE steps. Does this mean I can apply for competent authority? Where can I find official information regarding this?

  12. Hello.first I would like to thank you for your helping posts.
    I am a specialist in diagnostic radiology.Carring Arab board certification in diagnostuc radiology specialty, currebtly work in Iraq.
    I would like to work in Australia and apply for specialist pathway.
    what is your advaise ?, I ll be greatly appreciated that.

    1. Hello,
      My advice if you are wanting more help is to book a call with me
      Good Afternoon

      Thanks for your query

      The process of becoming a doctor in Australia can be confusing.

      In order to best help you, I would recommend you book one of our Risk-Free Clarity Calls. (Or you might prefer to call this a Strategy Call).

      These are reasonably priced. And you can book straight after payment.

      If you don’t feel you get value from the call I offer a no questions asked refund policy.

      BOOK YOUR CALL NOW (https://my.advancemed.com.au/shop/clarity-call-landing-page/)

  13. I’m a medical graduate from srilanka and am in my first year of pre MD surgical training. Is there any possibility of my applying for a post graduate surgery training in Australia? If so what would be my options?

    1. You can apply for 2 years of top up training towards the end of your postgraduate training in Sri Lanka. Its call the Short Term Training in a Medical Specialty Pathway.

  14. Hi Anthony,
    I am a doctor from Japan and have a certificate in internal medicine. I contacted RACP if my certificate meets the requirements of the assessment, but I couldn’t get a clear answer. Do you think I could apply for the specialist pathway or I should go for the standard pathway?

    1. Hi they won’t be able to provide you with an answer because the answer is to go through their assessment process. If you would like to take a call with me we can go through it for you.

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