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  1. This is very useful.
    I am currently doing my final year of psychiatry training in Manchester UK, with CST by August 2021.
    What would be chances of having substantial comparability with 1 or 2 years UK consultant experience.

    1. Hi Mani, I’m in a similar position as you, also in the NW, with CCT due Feb ’23. Would you be keen to work together and exchange ideas on this?

  2. Thank you for the information. I am Psychiatrist in Nigeria with a MSc in Child and Adolescent Mental health. What opportunities do I have?

    1. You will probably be seen as partially comparable. I’d need to know a lot more. Suggest a strategy call. Good Afternoon

      Thanks for your query

      The process of becoming a doctor in Australia can be confusing.

      In order to best help you, I would recommend you book one of our Risk-Free Clarity Calls. (Or you might prefer to call this a Strategy Call).

      These are reasonably priced. And you can book straight after payment.

      If you don’t feel you get value from the call I offer a no questions asked refund policy.

  3. Thanks for the information.
    I am very interested in psychiatry.
    Currently working as a Gp in Australia.

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