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  1. Hi Anthony,
    Good morning,
    My name is Angela Rajan. I’m a registered nurse in Australia. Could you please help me out in getting an Australian registration for my partner who is working as a doctor in General Medicine in India.

    Kind regards,
    Angela Rajan

      1. Hi Dr Anthony, I graduated in China . The situation is a little bit different as in China the internship is included in last year of medical school
        Question is , will Aphra consider this and accept my internship ? If I finish medical school and came to Australia straight away ?

        In China after you graduate and work for whole year full time and then you are eligible for seating for the license exam ( Chinese registration) . That includes on year internship from Uni and one year full time job as a doctor . So I didn’t have license when I arrive in Australia after internship in 2015.
        Question 2 , if I go back to work for 3 months . Does Aphra accept my working experience as recency of practice . And do I need to fill my recency as it’s been 5 years ?
        Thanks for your time !

        1. Hello Andy, your situation is unique like most doctors. So I’d encourage you to book a call with me to discuss. Generally, the Medical Board (not AHPRA) wants to see that you are fully licensed in your country, otherwise, they will likely have an issue around that. For recency of practice the Medical Board the general standard is 4 weeks full-time in the last 12 months. This will normally overcome any lengthy period of recency prior to this. Anthony

  2. Do you need recency of practice if you graduated a year ago and are applying for provisional registration?

    1. I am presuming you have done the equivalent of an intern year elsewhere. If so, the answer is no. If not, we are talking about something else entirely.

  3. Good morning sir,
    I worked as a doctor 5 years back in my home country and settled in gulf after that. I cudnt secure a job here . I want to write AMC and come to australia. Will I get a job keeping in mind my situation?

    1. Hi Humera
      As is often the case on this blog it’s really impossible to give a definite opinion without going into detail about your situation. I would say that your main barrier is the lack of experience, which will be a big one. If you want a definite opinion I suggest booking a clarity call with me.

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