The Benefit of a CV Check or Resume Review

As we enter the new academic year for medicine in Australia and New Zealand many doctors are thinking about whether they might be applying for a new position in 2020.

Yes. Its that competitive in some situations. That even before you have commenced your current job you are thinking about the next.

One thing that is vital to ensuring you progress smoothly through the job application process and gain an interview is a powerful CV or resume. We have written about this already here and here and here.

You might even be considering getting some expert assistance with developing your CV.

But before you do. Consider whether its not worth the effort constructing this vital document yourself and getting it checked or reviewed rather than handing over the entire enterprise to another party.

Why have your CV reviewed rather than engage a professional CV writer?

There are a number of reasons why a CV review might be the better option for you.

Firstly, you can probably find someone with expertise in your own hospital who is happy to review your CV for free. Barring that a professional CV review is a much more affordable option if you want to go down the paid route. (Around $100 for a review versus $300-$500 and more for a CV writing service).

Secondly, by constructing your CV yourself you get a deeper understanding about your own career. Including your strengths, capabilities, weaknesses and what value you can bring to future employers. This is all useful stuff when it comes to the interview.

Thirdly, when you engage a professional CV writer you still have to provide the content and this can be quite a lengthy process where you may feel like you end up writing most of the CV yourself anyways.

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Anthony Llewellyn

Anthony Llewellyn

FRANZCP, MHA, GAICD | Medical HR Expert and Coach. Anthony is an experienced health public sector executive, medical educationalist and coach. Anthony is an expert in Medical HR. He has reviewed numerous CVs, chaired and conducted over a thousand job interviews and provided advice to a number of employers and Colleges about selection processes. Anthony's background: Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Manager with 20 years’ experience as a medical practitioner in public health services in a range of roles. From 2012 to 2016, Anthony was the Medical Director of the Health Education & Training Institute (HETI), involved in overseeing a number of network training programs. He is also a Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle’s School of Medicine & Public Health, and Year 5 Psychiatry Coordinator. He is currently completing a PhD in Medical Education, exploring personal learning environments in the intern training space. Anthony recently delivered for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians a Best Practice Guide for Trainee Selection into Employment Roles Anthony was born on Mouheneenner land in Hobart (Tasmania) and pays respect to the traditional owners of lands he lives and works on, and elders past and present. His two most important roles in life are proud husband and proud father of two boys.

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