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We have gathered a selection of medical career books, medical job application and medical job interview books to help you in your medical career and job application process.

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Our Reccommended Pick Of The Best Medical Job Interview Books.

There are a number of resources on the web now available to help doctors with the job application process, including blog posts, videos, and courses.  But if you are a reader then nothing beats a good book.  We have looked at a number of books to provide you with our reccommendations.

So what makes a book the best medical job interview book?  The important considerations are:

  1. That the book relates to the medical job interview process. There are plenty of job interview books available and whilst these can be useful to read the don't cover the unique context and often high stakes of the medical job interview.
  2. That the book comprehensively covers both the process of planning and preparing for your interview, as well as how to approach the different types of interview questions.
  3. There should be lots of examples of interview questions as well as answers.
  4. The book should have an established readership that supports its usefulness.

Using this approach we actually recommend two books.  If you are a medical trainee then Mumford's, “The Medical Job Interview: Secrets for Success” is your best option. If you are a Consultant then Ghosh's “Succeeding in Your Consultant Medical Interview” is best. 

As is often the case in medical education there is no good book covering the medical interview process from the Australian context.  Those that are available lack breadth and depth.  The above two books are written by UK authors.

Featured Book

Getting that Medical Job: Secrets for Success

  • By Colin Mumford. Used by trainee doctors to apply for jobs and prepare for job interviews.

This book has been written specifically for trainee doctors looking to gain an edge. In the second edition, there are more details on how best to present your CV for the interview, different interview strategies to adopt, real-life example questions with answers good and bad, and information on what happens behind the scenes.


The Medical Job Interview

  • Tells you what you should do to get short-listed
  • Shows you how to find out who will be on the interview panel, and how you can anticipate their questions
  • Gives tips on appropriate behaviour in an interview
  • Even advises you on negotiating salary and terms

Featured Book

Succeeding in Your Consultant Medical Interview: A Comprehensive Guide to Interview Question Topics and NHS Issues: Study Text

  • By Robert Ghosh. Used by senior medical practitioners worldwide to prepare for that critical senior appointment interview.

This book has been available now for some time. The second edition has been fully updated and explores how to prepare fully for the Consultant Medical Interview.

The book is reasonably concise and is written in a manner that you might need to get started in your interview practice in the limited time that you sometimes get between applying and being offered an interview. It is useful to read first before searching for more up to date information on the internet. Where the book is not so useful to the Australian reader is that it goes into the various and many stages of NHS reforms over the last 20 years, and outlines many of the reports that these changes have been based on. So you will want to do your own research on “meta” health policy issues for the Australian context as these do often form the basis of interview questions for Consultant jobs in Australia as well.

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Medical Job Interview Book &

Job Application Oriented

The Medical Job Interview: Secrets For Success, Colin Mumford
Nailing the Medical School Interview: A Harvard MD’s Comprehensive Preparation Strategy, Suzanne Miller
The Medical School Interview: Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty
Multiple Mini Interview (MMI): Winning Strategies From Admissions Faculty

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