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Doctors Ireland Australia
competent authority
Anthony Llewellyn

Can Doctors From Ireland Work in Australia? Absolutely. Here’s How.

Whilst doctors from the United Kingdom and India are generally more frequently encountered in Australia. It is not unusual at all to come across a doctor from Ireland who is now happily working in Australia. Whether this is for a short-term working holiday or a permanent move. As someone who has worked in Medical HR

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recency of practice
Anthony Llewellyn

What is Recency of Practice? Implications for Doctors.

Recency of practice is an important concern for medical practitioners in Australia. Its something you must address both when you register with the Medical Board of Australia for the first time, as well as each time you apply for re-registration. Most doctors tend to focus on the Medical Board standard in relation to recency of

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Psychiatry jobs in Australia
Anthony Llewellyn

Psychiatry Jobs Australia. Prospects for Psychiatrists.

If you are a trained Psychiatrist in Australia. Then your job prospects are excellent. And they really have been for a long, long time. As a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) you can literally work anywhere in Australia and pretty much in any particular field, whether that be

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4 pathways to medical registration Australia
Anthony Llewellyn

Getting Registered In Australia. The Four Options for International Doctors.

*The process of getting a job and getting registered as a doctor in Australia is complex, it’s important to understand that you do need to get individual advice on your circumstance. Circumstances do vary for individuals and also things change over time. If you are looking for some general information about your options for registration

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AdvanceMed Specialty Training
specialty trainees
Anthony Llewellyn

A Guide To Specialty Training For Doctors In Australia

One of the most frequent questions I receive from doctors from overseas is “How do I get into residency training in Australia?”  Becoming a specialist doctor is generally a very rewarding pathway, which can afford a lot of independence and financial stability and is probably the ultimate aim of most doctors in Australia So I

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AMC Exam
Nick and Kim

The PLAB vs AMC: A comprehensive comparison

Nick and Kim are guest authors who run a blog in the UK called the SavvyIMG. We partnered with them on this post to help answer a question that often arises for IMGs considering either the UK or Australia as a pathway. Life is full of choices, and for the aspiring IMG, one of the

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LinkedIn for Doctors
job applications
Adam Harrison

Ten Tips For Creating A Great LinkedIn Profile for Doctors

Dr Adam Harrison, LinkedIn User Are you thinking that you need a LinkedIn profile for your next job application? In this special guest post, Dr Adam Harrison, expert LinkedIn user takes us through the steps that you should implement to create a great profile. Of particular importance when creating a LinkedIn profile as a doctor

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Medical Recruitment Round Up
annual medical recruitment
Anthony Llewellyn

How To Be Prepared For Medical Recruitment In 2020.

Now that Australia appears to have succeeded in dealing successfully with the initial impact of COVID-19 and getting our selves prepared, there are signs of society returning to some sort of “more normal”. Many doctors, myself included are returning their minds back towards the medical career process. With all the disruptions to the health system

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medical intern
Anthony Llewellyn

Medical Internship 2020 / 2021 Australia

*We will be regularly updating this post as information is updated about the Medical Internship process in Australia. The situation is fluid and has been disrupted somewhat due to COVID-19. It’s that time of the year again. The time when each of the States and Territories in Australia open up the process of applications for

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Medical Student Resume Template Page 1
Anthony Llewellyn

Tips for Compiling A Rural Medical Student Resume. With Template.

Based On An Article Originally Requested By ther NSW Medical Students Council Being able to compile a CV or Resume is an essential skill for pretty much any career.  But as a medical graduate, depending on where you are applying to next year, and where you went to medical school you may not necessarily have

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video job interview set up
job interview
Anthony Llewellyn

How to Ace A Video Job Interview – Doctor Interview Video

As we turn to measures of social distancing in order to reduce the impact of COVID-19 its quite likely that your next job interview will be conducted online.  Having spent the past 4 years coaching doctors online, I am uniquely situated to give you some tips on how to ensure that using video for your

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Doctor Job Recruitment Trends
psychometric tests
Wendy Dessler

Key Medical Job Recruiting Trends You Need to Know

In the business of modern medicine, there are a few overarching priorities. Primarily, creating a thriving business brand and organizational culture that drives patient experience. These shifting priorities are now dramatically changing recruiting practices in medicine.  If you have not interviewed for a job post for a while, you may well be surprised by what

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Doctor Preparing
Anthony Llewellyn

11 Top Tips For Preparing For A Doctor Job Interview With Videos

Are you a doctor preparing for an upcoming job interview. Or are you contemplating your next career move? For many doctors, job interviews are a regular and even annual process. For some doctors, they can act as an annoyance (i.e. why do I need to reinterview for my job). For other doctors, they can be

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IMG doctor with face mask
Anthony Llewellyn

Mobilizing the Doctor Workforce to Fight COVID-19 Should Include IMGs.

With recent announcements, it appears that Australia has lost the initial attempt to tightly contain the spread of the coronavirus. Including reports that it is now starting to spread within the health workforce itself. There is a need to consider how we can develop plans to ensure that we have enough doctors, nurses, allied health

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medical student completing resume
Anthony Llewellyn

Medical Student Resumes A Written And Video Guide

This is an evolving blog and vlog post specifically about how to write a medical student resume put together by request from a number of medical students who have contacted me asking for this type of information. In my experience, many medical students are at a bit of a loss composing a resume in their

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doctor practices guitar
Anthony Llewellyn

How Long and How Often Should You Prepare for a Doctor Job Interview?

Recently we ran a poll as part of some free training that we have been offering to doctors to help them better prepare for their next job interview. We ask the participants in this training what their approach to their last job interview was. So far over 100 doctors have registered for this training and

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Medical Training Survey
Anthony Llewellyn

5 Key Take Aways From the New National Medical Training Survey

This week the Medical Board of Australia released the findings of the first-ever national medical training survey (MTS). As someone who has previously championed and developed these types of reports on the New South Wales level, it is truly pleasing to see this report launched. And boy did they release some findings! With the results

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Rural Australia
Anthony Llewellyn

Do International Doctors Have to Work In Rural Australia?

In terms of land area, Australia is a large country, the 6th largest in the world. About 7,700,000 square kilometres. Its a big country and as such has a lot of “country” or rural areas. Australia is also one of the most urban countries in the world, with an about 85% of the population living within 50km of

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