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work readiness
Anthony Llewellyn

Personalised Learning and Work Readiness

This blog post was prepared as part of a presentation I was invited to give to the Academy of Surgical Educators for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons as well as a lead in for a presentation to the Australian and New Zealand Prevocational Medical Education Forum

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doctor interview coach in Sydney
interview coaching
Anthony Llewellyn

Doctor Interview Coach in Sydney

Things to consider when looking for an interview coach for doctor interviews include experience and training, as well as panel member experience.

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trainee doctor
Anthony Llewellyn

Doctor Interview Questions

A summary of the recent video webinar on researching, preparing, framing and practicing for your medical job interview.

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illegal interview questions
Anthony Llewellyn

A Reminder These Questions are Still Illegal

But what do you do if someone asks you discriminatory questions (in the middle of an interview for a medical job that you really want)?

Last year there was much discussion (and rightly so) about the topic of discriminatory selection practices and illegal interview questions that occur in medical training.
We wanted to write a post to remind both panel members and candidates that there are certain questions that you should not ask in an interview.

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intern transition
Anthony Llewellyn

Welcome to the #PrevocSpace

A hearty congratulations to making it to this exciting phase of your career.  Around Australia and New Zealand January is the time of year that

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