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How To Be Prepared For Medical Recruitment In 2020.

Now that Australia appears to have succeeded in dealing successfully with the initial impact of COVID-19 and getting our selves prepared, there are signs of society returning to some sort of “more normal”. Many doctors, myself included are returning their minds back towards the medical career process. With all the disruptions to the health system…

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Key Medical Job Recruiting Trends You Need to Know

In the business of modern medicine, there are a few overarching priorities. Primarily, creating a thriving business brand and organizational culture that drives patient experience. These shifting priorities are now dramatically changing recruiting practices in medicine.  If you have not interviewed for a job post for a while, you may well be surprised by what…

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How To Write A Medical CV. The Ultimate Illustrated Guide.

One of the interesting aspects of medical training is that we tend to assume that doctors have the professional skills to manage their careers. However its been my experience that many struggle with the job application process because this has not been the focus of their training to date.

So if you are feeling a bit lost as to what to write in and how to write your CV. Here’s an overview.