In our medical careers blog, we discuss a range of ideas from the job application and selection process, to self-improvement, to better management practices as well as ways organizations can improve medical careers.

In our services category blog, we focus on the types of services that doctors and medical students may be interested in using and purchasing to help in the trajectory of their own medical careers.

Our writers are experts in the field of Medical Human Resources and Medical Careers.

Dr Anthony Llewellyn provides chief oversight to our blog.

Some of these things could be resume preparation services, career coaches, as well as multi-source feedback.

We may well also cover some of the preparatory courses that doctors and students can engage with, for example, prepare for medical school interviews and sit Australian Medical Council examinations.

If there is a type of service that you would like us to discuss feel free to contact us with your idea.

Similarly, if you find any article interesting or notice a discrepancy. Let us now by way of a comments post.

We are also happy to consider authors who would like to blog for us. If that’s you fill in our contact form or go to the section on the site labeled. “Join Our Team.

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