Our Doctor Communities Are Free To Join

You can benefit from access to our Experts as well as a community of like-minded doctors.  We also use our Communities to source ideas for new content.

For Doctors Seeking To Work in Australia

For Trainees Already Employed In Australia or New Zealand

Close to 5,000 doctors have joined our communities so far.

You can get support by asking questions or just following the discussions.  Some of the topics we discuss are.

For International Medical Graduates:

  • Options for working as a doctor in Australia
  • Explanation of the various registration pathways, including competent authority, standard pathway and specialist pathway
  • How to approach the Australian Medical Council Exams
  • Information about specialist medical colleges
  • How to identify suitable jobs
  • How to apply for jobs

For Trainee Doctors:

  • How to compile your CV or Resume
  • Tips on the Job Interview
  • Tips on specific specialty training programs
  • Career development

You can apply on facebook to join either of these groups.  We do recommend one or the other as the discussions can be quite different and we want to make the group experience streamlined for members.

Once you apply one of the group administrators or moderators will review your application, so please include some detail about your reasons for joining. Read through the group rules and see what sorts of questions have already been asked.  Also, we take a strict view of anyone posting commercial content into the group without permission to avoid members feeling spammed.

We look forward to welcoming you within one of our groups.