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  1. Hi Dr Llewellyn,
    Do you expect the changes to the intern program length in Australia to affect IMGs? For example, after FY1 is completed in the UK and I receive general registration do you think I will still be able to move straight to Australia? And do you expect them to extend the supervised year for IMGs to 2 years?

    1. Hi SF.
      The internship period has not been extended in Australia. You still gain general registration after 12 months. The main change is that the PGY2 year is now better defined and supervised. I expect there will eventually be alignment for the Standard Pathway with the new framework. It will probably end up being similar to the new Internship. Although I would argue it would be more sensible to align it with the PGY2 requirements.

  2. Hi, Dr. Llewellyn.

    Another helpful article as always.

    New Zealand has recently announced that they will now accept PLAB 2 passers in lieu of the NZREX. After a year of experience in NZ as a PGY1 via PLAB1+PLAB2, will one also be eligible to take the competent pathway to AU?

    If the above isnt possible, will it be possible to make the move to AU after garnering general registration in NZ?

    Kind regards.

    1. I haven’t seen anything official. But as it stands now if you obtain general registration in NZ. You can convert this to General Registration in Aus.

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