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CV Review and CV Check

Our CV Review & CV Check Service Gives You Rapid Feedback on Your Medical CV. At an Affordable Price!

CV Review

You will be provided with a detailed score of your CV looking at key areas that can improve the overall performance of your CV. You will also be provided with individualised suggestions for CV improvement (if applicable).

Our medical HR experts have reviewed thousands of CVs. They know what stands out and what should be left out.


We go through all the key sections of your CV and give you a rating for each, including whether the content is appropriate, whether there are any gaps, whether it is in the correct order and whether the look and feel is okay.


Along the way our reviewers will identify sections of your CV that could do with some improvement and provide you with comments and examples for you to consider.

Why Should You Care About Your Medical CV?

In this instructional YouTube Video our Medical HR Expert Dr Anthony Llewellyn takes you through how your CV is considered by the panel and the implications for you the CV writer


How does it work?

You send us your current version of your CV and we go through a checking process that has been developed to highlight important issues or errors in medical trainee CVs and to ensure that information pertinent to trainee selection is presented in the best format.

You are provided with a checklist to highlight these issues as well as detailed comments and some examples of poor formatting, typographical errors and grammatical problems if these are detected.

As part of this service, you are welcome to ask further questions via email.  Brief email discussions are complimentary.  You may also wish to enroll in our “How to Build a Great CV course”.

Please note:

This service is not a CV drafting or editing service.  We believe that with our feedback you will be able to craft the best CV on your own and that this is a more affordable option.

If after going through the CV Review service you would like some assistance with the actual formatting or wording of your CV, we suggest you review the feedback first and update your CV.  We are then happy to quote an additional fee for aiding with the production of your CV.  Costs are $220 per hour, inclusive of GST for this service.  Please contact [email protected]

This service is aimed at employer-led interview panels and may not be as relevant to interviews conducted directly by Colleges.

This service may not be suitable for candidates applying for positions where CV templates are provided and required to be used.

*We are aware in particular that Queensland Health encourages you to submit your CV in a specified format.

If you are applying for Queensland Health positions and would like some assistance with your CV please attach a copy of your CV in the Queensland Health format.


The following file formats are acceptable:

  • doc
  • docx
  • rtf
  • pdf
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