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  1. Hi Anthony,

    Great post. I have a dilemma however. As an IMG who has to be registered in the limited/postgraduate pathway, can I work in areas that are qualified as DPA but MM1? and can these clinics sponsor me for a vis?

  2. Hi Anthony,

    Great write up. Though navigating this is still a bit confusing. Hope to get your opinion

    So I came over as an IMG (Irish trained) in 2016 Feb, worked at Rockhampton as a PHO for a year and obtained general registration in Feb 2017. I then entered BPT training in in Feb 2017, eventually finishing my renal training to be FRACP Renal just in Feb 23.

    I received my permanent residency in Feb 2017 and Australian citizenship in July 2022.

    So going though

    It doesn’t mention nephrology/renal as being under the DWS, but im a bit uncomfortable because there’s a lot of blanket ‘all, no exception’s terms being thrown around.

    To the best of your knowledge, are the specialities not mentioned in the last exempt from DWS ? Ie could I go and join a private practice which bills medicare now , or am I stuck in a public hospital for life if I don’t want to go out somewhere remote for 5 -10 years. I do have a Proda account but I assume because I’m not signed up to any ‘program’ so I won’t see anything about time remaining to be served

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Damien
      Yes, the info on that site is a bit confusing. If your specialty is not mentioned then you may need to work in a DWS.
      All other specialities are determined as DWS if the location is classified as Remoteness Area (RA) 3 or greater.
      To get into an RA2 or RA1 situation the number of specialists available has to be significantly lower.
      However, your specialty of nephrology is on the 19AB exemption list for Specialties in Acute Shortage
      So you could apply for an exemption now to work in an RA1 or RA2 location.
      In 2026 when your 10 year moratorium is up. You are no longer subject to any restrictions.

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