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  1. Hi Anthony,
    I am an IMG. I am currently working as an Anesthetist in Nepal following completion of my Postgraduation in 2015. What are the strategy and criteria should I choose that I would be able to continue my specialty in Australia?

    I would appreciate it if you could explain in details.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Diwas
      The pathway you are looking for is the specialist pathway. Please see my free course on this.

  2. Hello Anthony
    Sorry for asking the same question again maybe for the 3rd time, i want to go through the standard patheway (amc 1,2) and then through racp basic training then to train in cardiology.
    Whats the strategy here? What are the requirements? How heavy does it rely on being an australian graduate/ having connections?
    Is there a scoring system like in the uk?
    I dont want to start something with miniscule chances.

    1. Hi Ibrahim
      The strategy is as you have outlined: Complete Standard Pathway requirements and obtain general registration. After which you can apply for Basic Physician Training with the RACP. For all RACP Advanced Training you need to complete basic training inclusive of the exams.
      Cardiology is probably the most competitive AT in the RACP. There is a formal selection process. I would like to say that getting in is devoid of connections but Cardiology is a small community in each jurisdiction so by the time you reach this point it helps that you have made some good impressions.

  3. Hi Anthony ,
    I am an Australian who did internship , and two years of basic surgical training and 5 years of Orthopaedic Non-accredited registrar jobs in Australia.I have full Registeration with AHPRA.I am going through the CESR pathway in Orthopaedics here in the UK and should get on the GMC Orthopaedic specialist Register after 2-3 years.What are my chances of being recognized as substantially comparable if I go through the specialist pathway?

    1. Hi Maj
      I would say that your situation is one of the more optimal ones for achieving substantial comparability.
      Your documentation will be key to this.

  4. Hi Anthony, I’ve completed internship program in my country followed with one year of clinical experience. If I wanted to apply for specialty training in Australia, do I still need to find a resident post before starting the specialty training?

    1. Yes. And you will either need to do the AMC exams or be eligible for competent authority pathway.

  5. Hi, I’m Mike, I’m currently in 5th year of medical school in Cuba starting my internship this September, I was wondering the step by step once I finished next year to get into a specialty in Australia?

    1. Hello Mike. Thanks for the comment. In your case you would need to start with the standard pathway.

  6. Hi Anthony,
    I am an IMG that just finished her mbbs and is doing her internship in pakistan. I want to apply for specialist training in obs and gyne. Can you guide what are my next steps as I’ll be married and be moving to Australia by next year.

    1. Happy to guide you I suggest booking one of my strategy calls.

      Good Afternoon

      Thanks for your query

      The process of becoming a doctor in Australia can be confusing.

      In order to best help you, I would recommend you book one of our Risk-Free Clarity Calls. (Or you might prefer to call this a Strategy Call).

      These are reasonably priced. And you can book straight after payment.

      If you don’t feel you get value from the call I offer a no questions asked refund policy.

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