AMC Clinical Exam

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  1. Thank you for these awesome notes.
    Do you have any guidance for after failing.
    I have failed 3 times. Last one was when i was very confident.
    Does failure in previous exam affect their assessment mark decision?
    My mark breakdowns are all over the global marks. For example all 4 and 5 in four criteria and 3 as global. What is global mark?

    1. Hi Jay, Sorry to hear you are having trouble passing the Clinical exam. Unfortunately, the pass rates for this exam, as well as the MCQ have been coming down over the years. Your past performance has no effect on their assessment of your next performance. I’m afraid I am not an expert on the marking of this exam so cannot give you any guidance about this. I do hope you are also applying for posts and considering whether you might be able to get on a WBA program.

  2. Hi. If I am a physician / sub specialist in my country, do I need to sit for amc in order to practise in Australia?
    Many thanks

    1. The short answer to this question is. No. You should go through the specialist pathway assessment.

  3. Do you have any details regarding organizing a site for amc clinical exam outside Australia? For example, can you do that from your home or do I have to find a special place to arrange the examination and what are amc’s requirements for the arrangement?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello, I assume you are referring to the new online AMC clinical. I have not seen any information about this so far.

    1. what is the advantage of taking the amc clinical exam before migrating to australia? Could I work directly as a GP? easier to get work?

      1. Its a requirement for your AMC Certificate. So AMC Part 1 and 2 looks better than just AMC Part 1 on your CV. You cannot directly enter in to General Practice in Australia.

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