Resources for International Medical Graduates

Dear Colleague

The process of becoming a registered doctor in Australia can be pretty arduous for local graduates. 

It is even more difficult if you have undertaken your training in another country.

I have spent a lot of my career assisting doctors from other countries to successfully take up employment roles here in Australia.

I’ve compiled this page of resources to help you.


Dr Anthony Llewellyn


Area of Need Links

Links to where Specialists (including GPs) can find Area of Need Positions advertised.  Note: in many cases the State Area of Need listings are not publicly available and you may have to look at the e-recruitment portals or go via a recruitment agent.


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Bridging and Preparation Courses

Below is a link to the Australian Medical Council site to Bridging Course Providers (not endorsed by AMC)


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Some of the Services we offer that might be of assistance

Coaching CALL

$ 110 45 minute session
  • Ask questions about the registration process
  • Ask questions about your CV
  • Tips on where best to look for jobs
  • Interview Preparation
1st Session

Get All Courses at a Discount.


  • Cover Letters and Applying Online
  • Make a Great CV
  • Job Interview Skills

Don’t Just Make a CV Make a Stand Out CV.

Its crucial to get the right elements on your Medical CV to avoid it being overlooked. Find out from an Industry Expert how to make a winning CV.

Unpack the Mysteries of the Medical Job Application Process.

Let us help you get your Application into the Interview pile.

Ease Your Anxiety About The Process.

A comprehensive course to set you up to effectively prepare and practice for the big day of the interview.

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Personalised Learning and Work Readiness

This blog post was prepared as part of a presentation I was invited to give to the Academy of Surgical Educators for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons as well as a lead in for a presentation to the Australian and New Zealand Prevocational Medical Education Forum

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