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  1. Hi, Dr. Anthony many thanks for all your guidance.
    I am a Consultant Physician working in Sri Lanka and want to apply for specialist assessment.
    Please give me some advice regarding the CV and referees.

    1. Hi Sharmila

      Happy to assist. I suggest you book one of my initial coaching calls and we can guide you.

  2. Hello, Anthony.
    I was wondering as an Intern House Officer, is listing an RMO as a referee allowed? The reason why I say this is because I feel RMOs have seen me at work more than the others.
    What about specialists as well?
    Or is it necessary to put my consultant’s details only? Does it have to be a supervisor or can it be someone who I got along with well too?

    1. Hello, its probably better to put someone more senior as your first referee.
      Because interns and residents are very close in their work roles. I would advise opting for a Senior Resident or a Registrar rather than someone just one year above you.
      (I get your thinking by the way, the resident probably does have the best view of your performance but the panel might see their reference as too close and therefore positively biased).

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