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What do antidepressants, OTC cough medicines, painkillers, ADHD drugs, weight-loss drugs, natural mood remedies, and party drugs have in common? Answer: They can all cause Serotonin Syndrome! A fatal pitfall to be avoided!
Treating people who have a personality disorders can be complex. Diagnosis is not always straightforward, and putting together an appropriate treatment plan can be even more challenging. Why is the management of people with personality disorder complicated?
Felicia Ng discusses the D's of Cognitive Impairment (Delirium, Dementia and Depression) with a special emphasis on Delirium
Anthony discusses some of the important communications issues when working in Psychiatry
Why is culture so important in Psychiatry? And why is there a trend towards teaching culture predominantly from the perspective of the cultures of Indigenous Australians? To answer these questions I believe that its firstly important to reflect on how in medicine but in particular in psychiatry it is important to take a holistic approach to individuals presenting …
Su Lynn Cheah discusses the main types of personality problems likely to be encountered by medical students as well as some interesting controversies.