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MededHelp Depression
Depression is common. Its a condition seen by most doctors on a regular basis either as a primary concern or often as part of an overall picture. It is therefore very likely to be a topic that is assessed in medical student exams. What are the key facts that medical students should understand about depression? …
Mental Health Tribunal Reports
A template is always handy when you are having to write a report for the Mental Health Inquiry or Tribunal. Here are two. One for Inquiries and the other for Tribunals. They are generally the same. The main difference for a Tribunal is you need to supply a little bit more information AND you are…
Year 5 Psychiatry Orientation
Can you get Serotonin Syndrome from a Cough Medicine?
What do antidepressants, OTC cough medicines, painkillers, ADHD drugs, weight-loss drugs, natural mood remedies, and party drugs have in common? Answer: They can all cause Serotonin Syndrome! A fatal pitfall to be avoided!
Keep Calm
Treating people who have a personality disorders can be complex. Diagnosis is not always straightforward, and putting together an appropriate treatment plan can be even more challenging. Why is the management of people with personality disorder complicated?
Felicia Ng discusses the D's of Cognitive Impairment (Delirium, Dementia and Depression) with a special emphasis on Delirium
Anthony discusses some of the important communications issues when working in Psychiatry