Question Bank( Medical Doctor Interview Questions )

With your help we are compiling a set of interview questions, so that all trainees can benefit and practice before the interviews.

Please contribute any question you may have collected.

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Non Specific Question

Why do you want to be a [insert specialty]?

General Practice Training

Reflect on your medical career. How did you improve on your medical practice?

Orthopaedic Training

How do you manage a dislocated ankle?

Orthopaedic Training

Prioritise the following cases and justify your answer.
a. 20yo with displaced subcapital neck of femur
b. compound tibia fracture
c. 80yo with NOF #
d. dislocation of prosthetic hip
e. young male with finger fracture

Non Specific Question

Scenario: Conflict with a NUM not wanting to comply with your plan. What do you do?

General RMO/SRMO type post

Tell me about a situation where you were involved in a team mistake.

Dermatology Training

What experience have you had; tell me about yourself; describe yourself in 6 words

Orthopaedic Training

How would you change theatre efficiency in a three month period, what resources do you use?

Non Specific Question

This program includes secondments and rural rotations. Do you foresee any problems in participating in any of these arrangements?

Non Specific Question

Tell me about a time when you were disappointed in your performance.

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