Question Bank( Medical Doctor Interview Questions )

With your help we are compiling a set of interview questions, so that all trainees can benefit and practice before the interviews.

Please contribute any question you may have collected.

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Basic Physician Training

Scenario = You notice your fellow BPT is coming in late to work, being depressed in mood and not managing their patients effectively. Describe to us how you would handle this situation?

Orthopaedic Training

Run the panel through how you would consent for NOF # management.

Orthopaedic Training

[Presented with a knee model]. Explain the anatomical structures. Where does the ACL attach? Where does the PCL attach?

Basic Physician Training

Tell us something non medical about who you are?

Non Specific Question

Tell me about a time when you worked effectively under pressure

Oral Maxillo Facial Training

What do you bring to the OMS profession?

Orthopaedic Training

A 12yo female presents to your clinic with her mother. Referral is for a 1 week history of arm pain, xray showed a mid-humerus tumour lesion. What do you say to the patient and her mother? What next investigation will you do?

Dermatology Training

Community involvements, what do you get out of that; other hobbies/ interests outside medicine; how do you maintain balance in life

General Practice Training

Describe a time when you were faced with a challenging diagnostic problem. Why was it so challenging and how did you develop a management plan for the patient?

General RMO/SRMO type post

Clinical Scenario: Patient with chest pain, short of breath and sweating comes to the ED. How will you manage? What will you look for on the ECG?

 Tell us what sort of post you were applying for: Interview Question

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