Question Bank( Medical Doctor Interview Questions )

With your help we are compiling a set of interview questions, so that all trainees can benefit and practice before the interviews.

Please contribute any question you may have collected.

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Dermatology Training

Tell us about the most rewarding interaction between a patient and yourself; tell us about something you achieved in a clinical setting that makes you proud

General Practice Training

You are a junior doctor working in a ward with another junior doctor. The nursing staff repeatedly ask you to complete tasks that are the responsibility of the other doctor. What would you do and why?

Non Specific Question

Please recall a situation where you felt it was appropriated to persist with one task despite the presence of other competing tasks or priorities

Critical Care Training

emergency medicine - what do you see as the big issues relating to emergency medicine in the next 5 year?

Basic Physician Training

Why do you want to do BPT at [xx]?

General RMO/SRMO type post

What are your weaknesses?

Non Specific Question

Tell us about a time when you came up with an ideas that no one else had thought of

Non Specific Question

Tell me about a time you when you tried to accomplish something and failed.

Non Specific Question

Where do you see yourself in five years? In ten years?

Critical Care Training

emergency medicine - tell me about a paper or presentation that has changed your clinical practice

 Tell us what sort of post you were applying for: Interview Question

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