Question Bank( Medical Doctor Interview Questions )

With your help we are compiling a set of interview questions, so that all trainees can benefit and practice before the interviews.

Please contribute any question you may have collected.

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Paediatrics Training

Can you give an example of how clinical governance impacts upon paediatric medicine?

Paediatrics Training

Please tell us about why we should choose you?

Psychiatry Training

What is your understanding of the term countertransference? Can you give an example of countertransference in your current or previous work?

Oral Maxillo Facial Training

What is ethics?

Non Specific Question

How do you deal with conflict?

Dermatology Training

What have you got to offer; give us 5 reasons/ attributes why you should be on the program; 5 things you will contribute to dermatology; what would make you a good dermatologist; what are you outstanding qualities; what is it about you that stands out against others

Orthopaedic Training

Outline the different members of theatre staff and their roles

General Practice Training

What has inspired you to pursue a career in general practice? What have you done to work towards this goal?

Orthopaedic Training

A 45yo diabetic patient with schizophrenia presents with a gangrenous foot. You want to do possible investigations for possible amputation. She tries to leave hospital. What do you do?

Basic Physician Training

A woman who has felt unwell for several weeks to months comes in with a creatinine of 600 – What do you do? What are the indications for dialysis?

 Tell us what sort of post you were applying for: Interview Question

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