Question Bank( Medical Doctor Interview Questions )

With your help we are compiling a set of interview questions, so that all trainees can benefit and practice before the interviews.

Please contribute any question you may have collected.

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Oral Maxillo Facial Training

How do you introduce a new procedure or material in the hospital? What protocol do you follow?

General RMO/SRMO type post

How safely do you think you can perform this job?

General RMO/SRMO type post

Tell me about a time you made a mistake and had to tell a Registrar or Consultant.

Orthopaedic Training

Give an example of good teamwork and what made it succesful

Dermatology Training

Your strength and weakness (how your referees describe these); if there is something you could change about yourself, what would that be; what would nursing staff and allied health works have to say about you

Basic Physician Training

What qualities do you possess that make you a good leader?

Non Specific Question

Please recall a situation where you felt it was appropriated to persist with one task despite the presence of other competing tasks or priorities

Non Specific Question

What are the biggest challenges to the Australian federal health budget on the next 10 years

Non Specific Question

What problems do you think this specialty may face in the future?

Dermatology Training

What would you do if someone asked you medical opinion on a dermatology condition whilst you are at a dinner party?

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