Resident Medical Officers

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  1. Hi Anthony, thank you for your excellent information,
    One question, what is the average money a supervision level one IMG can make?
    Thank you

  2. I saw that GPs in Australia can earn up to AUD400,000 per annum. What is the difference between this and resident MO? The amount difference seems to be so huge. AUD400,000 seems to be an astronomical amount and this is not even looking at a specialist pay. Appreciate if someone could elucidate on this please. Thanks.

    1. GPs are fully qualified specialists in General Practice with at least 4 years of additional postgraduate training. A resident is much more junior than this.

  3. Hi sir,
    Really appreciate the great work you are doing for all the imgs. Very useful information.
    Sir , I’m still a final year img, so after completing my MBBS I’m planning to take AMC exams. Because I have to move to Australia with my partner.
    My question to you is, since I’m planning to migrate to Australia as a fresh graduate and AMC,but with no home country experience, what is the possibility for me to get a job?
    Are fresh graduates hard to get jobs ?

    1. Thanks for your kind words Lavanya. It’s definitely harder to get a job here if you have absolutely no experience. If there is any option to defer coming here and complete at least one year’s work where you are after graduating I would strongly advise doing this.

  4. If an IMG coming from the competent authority pathway (provisional registration), gets a job as a resident medical officer will he/she be paid exactly the same as that of a local graduate (general registration)?

  5. Hello Sir
    Your feedbacks and clarifications are quite commendable.
    However, what are the options available for a doctor with 6years oversea experience and one year practice in UK .
    Can the doctor get into Post graduate year 2 without any further examination.

    1. Hello Ikenna I can’t really answer your question as I don’t know whether for e.g. you have completed the PLAB or AMC. Every doctor’s situation is unique. This is why I have developed the strategy call where you can go into more detail if you would like to.

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