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You Can Book Your Coaching Here (please ensure you have purchased sessions available, you can book more below).

If a suitable time is not available please let us know and we will endeavour to work something out for you – [email protected]

If this is the first time you have undertaken coaching with us, please read the information about using Zoom (it's very easy).

You will work one on one with our expert Medical HR coaches during a series of web-conferencing sessions.  After each session you will be sent a recording of your session for your personal review.*

You will need to have access to a PC or laptop and a reasonable speed of broadband in a quiet location (such as an office or study room at your home).  Most current computer models are equipped with a webcam, microphone and speakers.  Your webcam should be sufficient.  However, for extra improved sound quality, we recommend the use of a headset with a microphone or headphones with a microphone or a USB microphone connected to your computer.

We use Zoom technology to conduct the coaching.  There is no cost to you.  You will need a webcam, microphone and headphones a quiet space and reasonably fast and reliable internet. The system is generally very easy to set up. 

Prior to your first session, we recommend that you download and test Zoom on your system.  You can do so here.

We will endeavour to advise you of any delays. Contact us [email protected] if you have a particular time-frame you require the coaching in.

Why is this better than face to face coaching?

Face to face coaching is great if you can arrange it.  But from our experience online is better for two main reasons:

  1. Firstly, it is generally easier to arrange a convenient time for both the trainee and coach and there is no time wasted in commuting.
  2. Secondly, the video conferencing technology we use allows us to send you a copy of your session almost straight afterwards so you can immediately review the session, see how you went and practice.  This is much harder to do face to face and would require significant additional cost.

Please Note:

*Video files are provided so that you may review feedback and improve the outcome of the coaching session.  Distribution of files to other parties will constitute a breach of the terms of service of the coaching relationship and may result in the cancellation of any future coaching sessions with no refund or exclusion from future AdvanceMed services.  

We do not guarantee the quality of video files (the quality you receive will normally reflect the quality of the actual session which can depend on a number of factors including internet speed).  Occasionally there is a failure in or disruption in recording so we do not absolutely guarantee to provide you with a video recording of each session.

Video files are stored and shared securely using Dropbox.  We remove all files 6-months after the final coaching session has been completed.

**Our Medical HR experts are not subject matter experts in every field of medicine so may not be able to give you feedback on technical aspects of each and every interview question.

***You are responsible for ensuring that you have the right equipment and internet access and speed to undertake the coaching.

****We endeavour to schedule coaching sessions at a mutually convenient time for you and the coach, we do not guarantee the availability of the coach at any particular times.  After sign-up and before commencing coaching if we are not able to schedule sessions for you we will arrange a refund.  If there are any requested changes in coaching scheduling after this point, if we are given 48 hours notice, we will endeavour to rearrange one of your coaching sessions for you (but cannot guarantee this).  Any further requests made for changes will not be accommodated or incur an additional cost of a full priced coaching session.

****We attempt to organize coaching within a timeframe that suits your needs.  However, as there are often peak periods of the year where several doctors require coaching it is best to book as far ahead as possible.  If you have a particular timeframe you require coaching to be completed in please contact us at [email protected] to discuss before purchasing.

Test your computer system to see if you will be able to access online coaching

All of our courses come with a 30 Day Money Return Policy*.  If you are not happy with the product just contact us in that time period for a refund. 

At your discretion. We may offer you some additional support as an alternative.

CV Reviews and Checks are non-refundable once the reviewer has commenced their work.

Coaching Services and Coaching packages are non-refundable.  We do endeavour to make convenient booking times available. 

If you have any questions about availability please consult the booking page or contact us via email.

*Course refunds do not apply to certain special offers where noted or when redeeming credit.

At times our coaches may have to reschedule appointments.  If this is the case there will be no additional cost to the coachee.

If you are unable to make a coaching session. Please contact us as soon as possible.  We will endeavour to rebook you another appointment. We cannot make any guarantees of rebooking to meet certain deadlines (e.g. interview dates).

Should you frequently cancel or cancel within 48 hours of a coaching appointment we reserve the right to charge you the full price of the coaching session.

Once paid for a coaching session or package expires after the agreed number of coaching sessions have occurred or after 2 years from purchase.

Once you complete your payment you submit us your current CV or resume and fill in a questionnaire. We then work to provide an initial redraft.  You will have up to two opportunities to request edits or changes.  Depending on the nature of your current CV and the information provided we may need to contact you by email for more information or set up a quick call.

Our CV work is based on around 2 to 3 hours of expert CV writer time. 

We reserve the right to quote a larger fee based on more extensive CVs and work history.  If this is the case and you decline we will gladly refund you in full.

You are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of your CV or resume. 

We take no responsibility for any errors or negative outcomes that may occur with any job application you make using our CV and resume writing service.

Please be aware that this service requires your input to ensure we have the sort of content needed to make a Stand Out CV.

If you are able to provide this information electronically this will greatly assist us. If we find that we need to interview you to obtain this information this may incur an additional cost.

We use a CV builder software to develop your CV. This software produces a CV in PDF format.

Our service does not include ongoing amendments to CV or Resume.

We keep your CV on file for up to 12 months.

CVs can be stored for longer upon request and payment of a fee.

Additional updates to CVs incur reasonable fees.

If you would prefer to maintain your own CV you can purchase a plan for the CV builder and we can develop the CV for you on your own plan. ​​

We aim to return your CV Review to you within 7 days of submitting.  If you require an earlier service please contact us to see if this is possible.  Additional charges may apply.

Because of the cost of hosting workshops and events, we are limited in our ability to refund the price of a ticket.  If you contact us a minimum of 60 days prior to the event we will be able to offer you a refund which may include a 10% processing fee.

If you are unable to attend. At our discretion, we will endeavour to provide you credit to go towards other services or the offer to attend a workshop in the future.

We are happy to answer them.  Feel free to email us at [email protected]

Sometimes we will offer credit in lieu of a service that you were not able to utilise. This will generally not apply if we have begun work on the services.

If we do offer credit this credit will normally be limited to 12 months from the date of initial purchase.

Once you utilise your credit refunds will not apply under any circumstances.

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