UK doctors working in Australia

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  1. Hi Anthony

    Could you please tell prospects of an IMG from India who passed his PLABs and then did his Radiology training in the UK?
    How well are the chances of getting a job offer via the specialist pathway?
    And would he be required to take any exams to secure permanent offer in Australia?

    1. I am assuming you have completed the CCT in the UK.

      You would undoubtedly get partial comparability (because this is what RANZCR gives to 95% of applicants). However getting a job is the problem as there is about a 2:1 ratio of approvals to opportunities for the experience part of the pathway.

      1. Hi Anthony, No I haven’t done Radiology training as of now. I was trying to figure out whether to do training in Radiology in the UK and choose the specialist pathway, or choose the competent authority pathway to secure Radiology training in Australia. So I wanted to know your opinion.
        Thanks and regards

  2. Hi Anthony
    1) I tried the standard pathway to Australia and failed.. I just cleared the PLAB now and started a job in UK.. Can I still apply for the competent pathway after 1 year of supervised work in UK???

  3. Hello Anthony

    I have completed UK college exam (FRCEM) from my homeland – South Asian country.
    I plan to work in Australia as Specialist.
    What are my chances for getting opportunity in Australia over if I have work experience in UK for some year/s ?

  4. Hi Anthony

    Thank you so much for your content – it’s been amazing to use this as a resource!

    I have a similar question to Shane – if I am an IMG from a medical school listed in both the world directory and the Australian directory, and I have the training/experience component from the GMC, but I did not have to write the PLAB to get into the foundation (UK training) program, am I still eligible for the Competent Authority pathway?

    I did see the below text on the AMC website: “IMGs who have a primary qualification in medicine and surgery awarded by a training institution recognised by both the Australian Medical Council and the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) and who have completed training or assessment with an approved competent authority may apply for provisional registration via the Competent Authority pathway.”

    Thanks so much!


    1. Hello Mike
      I believe you are referring to information on the Medical Board website. Not the AMC.
      Shortly under this sentence is written:
      “To be eligible for one of the seven categories, IMGs must have completed BOTH the prescribed assessment component (a medical course or exam) AND the experience component.”
      So unfortunately the answer is no. Not without the PLAB.

  5. Hi Anthony,

    I’m a final year medical student at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. I plan on working in the UK for a year from August, with the goal of moving to Australia afterwards.

    I do not require the PLAB for full GMC registration, but as I understand, I need it to be eligible for the competent pathway in Australia.

    Would I be able to write the PLAB during my year of working in the United Kingdom?

  6. Hi Anthony,

    I was just wondering if I graduated from an Irish medical school, then took FY1 and FY2 instead of Internship in Ireland (without the PLAB requirement), would I be eligible for the competent authority pathway? And if not, is there any way to sit the PLAB as a current FY doctor?

    1. Hi Shane your combination of the Irish medical degree plus 12 months (24 months for the US) of experience in any competent authority country still makes you eligible for the CA pathway.

      1. Thanks for the reply Anthony. I was just a bit confused by the line in your article saying

        “For this reason, doctors who have completed medical school in another European Union country are often unable to get registered in Australia via working in the United Kingdom as they are often not required to complete the PLAB.”

        I suppose the answer could be here “ ” under the notes section, where it gives an example for Canada, but I’m still unsure how it applies to Ireland. Ireland doesn’t have national liscensing exam per se, rather, final year exams, graduation and then the vast majority of graduates completing their 1 year internship within Ireland.

        Have you ever encountered someone in my position before? It’s very usual for someone to apply for FY1+2 in the UK directly from graduation in Ireland as the UK internship is 2 years vs. the Irish 1 year. I did so for personal reasons & training opportunities in the UK etc., however I’m afraid I may have snookered my eiligibity for CA pathway should I wish to gain experience in Australia. Are you that I can combine the way I have for the purposes of CA? Sorry about the long reply.

        Appreciate any reassurance and thanks once again!

        1. Hello Shane, completing your medical degree in Ireland and then completing 12 months of supervised experience in another Competent Authority country makes you eligible for the Competent Authority Pathway. When I refer to EU countries I mean all bar Ireland which is one of the four CA countries.

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