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Anthony is an experienced medical coach having completed several hundred hours of coaching with a variety of clients both internal and external to organisations.

Anthony’s bio includes an Executive Medical Director role with a leading NSW Health Service and 4 years as Executive Medical Director for the Health Education & Training Institute of NSW.

Anthony’s background is as a psychiatrist with training in solution focused, cognitive behavioural and motivational interviewing also assists him to provide the best service for clients.

Anthony holds a Certificate in Executive Coaching from the Institute of Coaching and Consulting Psychology based at the University of Sydney.

Anthony applies a flexible approach to coaching based on the coachee’s needs and requirements.  Its important to understand that there are key distinctions between coaching and other types of support that a doctor may have experienced before coming to coaching (for e.g. supervision and mentoring).

In particular coaching focusses on the coachee’s own growth through questioning, clarification and exploration.

Anthony can offer the following types of coaching services:

This type of coaching suits a doctor with particular performance challenges, for e.g. interview skills improvement.  In this case we apply a coaching model but also for rapid skills development direct advice and feedback are also applied.

Developmental coaching will suit clients with more long-term or broader goals, for e.g. exploration of career choices or development as a medical manager.  In this case the focus is less on providing advice and feedback but working together to explore new ways of looking at issues and problems.

Below are some of the types of coaching engagements that we work with

Questions? Please contact us at [email protected]

Booking Information

You can schedule an appointment with Anthony by clicking on one of the links below.

Our strategy call service aims at clarifying your questions about pathways, career objectives, and current strategy and assisting you with determining what the next best steps are.

For interview skills coaching you are best to purchase a package of sessions prior to booking.  If you are looking at more extended career coaching please get in contact via [email protected]

Coaching is available at trainee and senior doctor rates.

By purchasing a package of coaching you can also save some money in the longer term.

*All coaching engagements are provide online using Zoom and can be arranged to occur in the privacy of your work or home office.  All that is required is a computer with microphone and webcam and a reasonably reliable internet connection.

For interview skills coaching you should  purchase a package of services prior to booking.

We can also offer a discounted package of coaching for longer coaching engagements.  Please let us know if this is of interest.