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    1. Hi Sameera

      Thanks for your question. I have had a fair bit of feedback about the METC group. Most of it has been of a negative nature.

      1. Hi Anthony,

        Thanks for replying.
        Actually the metc institute apparently offers some gp training posts which r like, paid gp jobs for img’s.. im not sure how that works.. is there a way img’s can secure a supervised gp job in Australia and then apply for the PEP program?

  1. I have also comment about metc institute’s IMG registrar program. If you have AMC1 and English then they can enroll you in year two of IMG registrar program. They charge initial $700 for assessment and $5000 for course commencement which is significant amount for poor IMG here like me.Then you enroll in their learning management system where they have put about Australain health care system, things you need to know to be Drs in Australia and some PESCI online preparion scenarios but not better than AMC clinical handbook.
    I enrolled in this course in first week of September and completed reading all the online within two weeks . However they never messaged me about the placement or next step progression utilll I emailed them after 4 months. I was waiting for four months for their work .But there wss no response untill I emailed them.It’s almost 8 months now. They said they have arranged placement and arranging PESCI Exam somewhere after 8 months in queensland but I am in full doubt about this program. I think this institute is fishing among poor IMG. The total cost of their placement service is about $28000 in a year excluding all summative assessments fees like PESCI, superviser assessment fees, medical indemnity insurance, AMC clinical. However if you success in PESCI exam it will be paid position according to them.
    My questiion is :do such institute or programm also exist in Autralia? I am regretted being in its training program.

    1. Hello Bob,
      I am sorry you have had this experience with this institution. And it’s not the first time I have heard concerns about this organisation.
      Unfortunately, there is little regulation around who can and cannot provide these types of services to IMG doctors in Australia.

      In my opinion, things to look for before signing up to any service would include:
      – information about who is behind the service, what credentials and expertise do they have
      – testimonials from past students as well as other independent references

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