What We Do

We exist to provide the best medical careers advice.
We are doctors who understand the needs of doctors.

We Coach & Consult.

Our coaches focus on supporting medical students and doctors of all career stages with any type of career challenge, including job skill preparation as well as leadership development and growth.

We Train.

Through our workshops and online courses we equip you with the skills you really need to excel in your medical career.

We Make Content.

Our team regularly contribute to the blogosphere, including on this site as well as many others.  We also publish a weekly YouTube channel – career doctor

Need advice?

Want to discuss your medical career challenges?  Needing support about goals, job skills, job applications or other professional needs?

Our CV & Resume Services & Courses

Our innovative CV review and Do-Over services provide an affordable option for you to get the advice you need as to whether your CV will stand up and what can be improved.  Our online courses now cover the full range of the job application process from preparing your CV, to lodging and application to interviewing.

What We Do

Get The



In Your Medical Career

Our story

AdvanceMed is an initiative to provide career advice, planning and preparation among postgraduate medical trainees in Australia, created by a team of doctors with a strong interest in transitions in medical training.

Our feature event is a one-day intensive workshop, which covers various aspects of the specialty training application and interview preparation.

 Our personalised services for doctors-in-training include:

  • Career advice
  • Resume review/feedback (more here)
  • Online 1-to-1 Interview Coaching (more here)

Dr Anthony Llewellyn is one of the two co-founders of AdvanceMed. Anthony is a Consultant Psychiatrist with extensive medical education and medical human resources experience. Anthony has served over 12 years in various Managerial and Directorial roles, including 4 years as the Medical Director of the Health Education & Training Institute.

AdvanceMed Helps You To Manage Your Medical Career

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