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  1. I am from Afghanistan and graduated from medical facility in Afghanistan.
    I don’t have specialization I a

        1. Hello I m 41 years doctor , I m working as specialist family medicine in UAE I hold Mrcgp international , without residency program so can I apply for specialist pathway in RACGP or I need to go to AMC directly

      1. Hi sir.
        What if i complete plab and 12 months supervised training in uk.
        Where will i get placement in australia? I mean Which year of training?
        How many years will it take to become seniour registerer in dermatology/medicine?
        How many years after competent authority pathway ?

        1. Then you would be eligible for the competent authority pathway. You would need to take your chances with employers and would mainly be applying for RMO jobs.

          1. After plab and one year experience in uk how would u apply for specializatio traning in Australia .. what this competent pathway

        2. Hello.
          I’m a Doctor from Bangladesh. I did my MBBS there but completed Masters in Dermatology in the United Kingdom. I have 3 years work experience post postgraduation. Can I apply for Specialist or Competent authority pathway?

          1. I would say not as it sounds like you completed a university degree in the UK which is not the same as a fellowship. And you did not mention that you have a CCST.

      2. Hi Anthony,
        I am a medical graduate from belarus and doing my internship here for 1 year. I am preparing for PLAB 1&2. When i pass both plab exams i can directly enter FY2 by passing FY1. After completing FY2, will i be eligible to work in Australia bypassing AMC exams? Or do i have to do FY1 anyway?
        Thank you in advance 😀

        1. Hi Chamuli

          Yes. If you manage to complete a supervised Foundational year in UK as well as all other components of PLAB you should be ok to apply for competent authority pathway posts.

          1. Hi Anthony,
            I have passed plab 1 and plab 2. Did my internship back home. I am working for a non training job equivalent to FY2 and is supervised. Will I be able to apply by comprtent pathway?
            Thank you

      3. I am from iran.l am working here as a cardiologist for 5 can I immigrate to Australia as a cardiologist؟

        1. Hello

          It would sound like you are looking at the specialist pathway. I have youtube videos on this subject that you can review. If you want further help I would suggest booking a strategy call with me.

    1. Hi
      Thank you very much for the precise clarification.
      I have GMC registration, as I have UK recognized post graduate qualification.( MRCPCH). But I do not have uk working experience. Instead, currently I am working in Australia under short term training (visa 482) for 1 year.
      After 1 year Australian working experience can I apply general registration in Australia? Or what are the options available for to do so.
      Thank you.

      1. Hi Ruban. No. You would probably have to apply via the Standard Pathway and do the AMC exams. It sounds like you are on a Short Term Specialist Training Registration which is time-limited and cannot convert over to other forms of registration.

    2. Hello. I am from India. I am an orthopedic surgeon working currently in Singapore. I have an mrcs degree which can land me a registrar job and full GMC registration in the UK.. Which that experience, can I move to Australia?

      1. That would not make you eligible for the Standard Pathway. The blog post explains why.

  2. Hi Anthony
    question is that how can I secure FY1 placement in England ,after passinng OET,and PLAB? and the next question is that If I work in hospital here in Australia as RMO and meanwhile grab PLAB certificate ,am I exmempted from AMC Clinical?

    1. Hi Alireza I’m an expert on Australian doctor employment so I can’t really tell you how to get an FY1 placement in the UK. I understand its a similar process to here in Australia in that occasional gaps in the FY program emerge and they accept IMGs for these posts. I’m assuming from your question you already have AMC Part 1. If you had the full PLAB certificate yes you would be able to apply via competent authority. But I’m curious as to why you wouldn’t just attempt the Clinical here. It would be quicker.

      1. Hi
        I’ve full gmc registration and working in NHS as a registrar.
        If I complete 12 months, am I eligible for AMC registration??

      2. Am so confused. Having passed Plab 1 and 2 without the clinical experience in the UK. Can one get that experience in Australia to qualify for the competent pathway

        1. With the UK or equivalent experience yes. Without it you are looking at the Standard Pathway.

  3. Hi Anthony
    I have completed MBBS from Bangladesh; moreover, I passed MRCS from The Royal College of Surgeons of England. I am eligible for GMC registration after clearing oet/ielts. Is it possible to exempt AMC exam without any further training? In which pathway I should proceed?

    Dr MRK

    1. Hello MRK thanks for the question. You would either need to complete the full requirements of the PLAB, including the supervised placement requirements OR go on to complete a Certificate of Completion (of Specialist) Training. Passing UK College exams has no relevance in Australia unless this is part of the CCT.

  4. Hi Anthony,
    Is it possible for one that has provisional GMC licence and PLAB certificate to do a twelve-month foundational programme and continue the medical practice in Australia?

    1. Hi Evangeline. Yes. if you do the FY1 in the UK. Then you are eligible for the Competent Authority pathway in Australia. You still need to find a job here though.

      1. Hi Anthony

        If I do a two year residency in Russia will it consider as an internship an australia? I am currentlu planning to take Internal medicine for my residency.

          1. Hi, as you said we can skip AMC exams if we work in the UK for 12 months if the job is accredited. Can you please let me know how to check if a job is accredited or not?
            Thank you!

          2. There’s no set rule. The Medical Board here expects you to be able to show something official that demonstrates you worked in a supervised role. They have never issued any official guidance on this standard.

        1. Hello Anthony,
          If I pass both PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 and I work for 12 months in the UK in a non-training job would I be able to start working in Australia then?

      2. Hello
        I have completed plab and acquired GMC registration. In the UK there are training posts and non training equivalents. For example fy2 training job and fy2 non training job. So am i eligible if i do one year of fy2 non training job in UK. ? And also otherwise, is one year of internship back in India sufficient to show as experience?

        1. Hello Kundan one year of internship in India would be enough for standard pathway. But not for competent authority. The official wording from the Medical Board of Australia is as follows:

          “There are two ways in which you can demonstrate that you meet the ‘12 months supervised training (internship equivalent) in the UK’ component of the eligibility criteria for category A (as per guidance initially provided in August 2015):
          1. Provide evidence of ‘12 months supervised practice/training in an Approved Practice Setting in the
          Acceptable evidence would include:
          a. confirmation in writing from the hospital(s) and/or employer(s) that you have satisfactorily completed 12 months supervised practice/training in the UK, and
          b. confirmation in writing from the hospital(s) and/or employer(s) that the practice setting is an ‘Approved Practice Setting’


          2. Provide evidence of ‘a minimum of 12 months practice in the UK’.
          Acceptable evidence would include:
          a. confirmation in writing and/or certificate of service from the hospital(s) and/or employer(s) that you have had a minimum of 12 months practice in the UK.

          You will also need to provide evidence that you have ‘successfully completed the Professional and
          Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) test since 1975’.”

      3. Is it really hard finding a job in Australia ?
        And in place of fy1 can a person do non training job too for an year ?

        1. Hello it’s generally fairly easy for someone with full PLAB to gain a job via competent authority, certainly much more so than standard pathway. Generally, any UK job where you can show a supervision report will do. But check the requirements with the Medical Board.

          1. Hi Anthony,
            If I finished my rotations in Ecuador.
            I want to do the plabs and then work for a year in UK.
            Then can I apply to AUS?
            Even if I am not registered in UK since I will oy get provisional registration?

          2. If you do the PLABs and work in the UK you will get registration there. Not sure what your question is?

          3. Hello sir
            If i clear plab and 1 year experience then go to my own country for specialist training after completing i can apply as a specialist in Australia

  5. Hi there!
    Would passing all parts of MRCP help in any way to get licensed in Australia?
    Thanks in advance!

      1. Dear Anthony
        I have graduated from Sudan
        And currently working as a GP in the UAE.
        I have passed all my MRCPCH exams and OET so I am qualified for full GMC Registration.
        Is there any pathway to practice and start training in Australia just with this?
        From previous answers, I understood I may need CCT.
        What is that and where will I obtain it from and how many years worth of traning and where will a case like mine need in order to obtain a CCT.

        1. A CCT is a Certificate of Completion Training which is issued by the GMC in the UK when you complete specialist training. I would definitely advise you to get this if you can.

          1. Hello Anthony,

            I’m a medical graduate from Nepal. I’ve completed my MBBS and i’ve done 1 year of internship exams. I’ve also sat for the sri lankan exams after i came back to my home country. I am a bit confused with which pathway i should follow. Standard pathway after AMC exams or if i do PLAB and then FY2 and then go to Australia. ( as my internship is recognised for FY1). Does it give me a better chance to find a job if I have gmc registration?
            Thank you for this really helpful article.

          2. Hi if you have a quick route to GMC registration I would do this. But it sounds like you need to sit either exams. If you want to work in Australia it’s generally better to take the direct route.

      2. Hello Anthony.
        If I pass both parts of Plab and have an internship of one year completed from Sri Lanka. Would that make me eligible for an exception from AMC and give me eligibility of competent pathway registration.
        Thank you in advance

        1. Hi no. Because the UK supervision experience has to be approved by the GMC and from the UK or another competent authority country.

    1. hello Anthony, thanks for this forum, am a foreign medical graduate from Nigeria (MBBS) . Do I need to write the IELTS/OET first before i can sit for PLAB?
      Again, how do i apply for a “Short Term Specialist Training” in AUSTRALIA

      1. Hi I’m not sure what the requirements for sitting the PLAB are. I believe the English proficiency is tested as part of the PLAB.

        1. Hi Anthony, you’re God sent 🙂
          I’m an Australian resident, graduated from Norway(done with my Internship of 18months), currently working in UK. Than I’m planning to do PLAB. Now I’m sure I’ll be good to go for competent pathway. However, as per reading comments I cant understand the part ” you have to have a job offer “. If I’m understanding it rightfully, ones competent pathway relies on a job offer? And if I somehow do not have one I’m not eligible for this pathway?
          Please correct me

          1. Hi Ali

            Yes that’s correct. To commence on any IMG pathway you need to have a suitable job offer first.

  6. Hi,
    I’m currently in the 6th month of my FY2 placement in the UK. Can I still apply for jobs and get a registration in Australia towards the completion of my 12 months of supervised training. Also, are there any benefits of starting placement in Australia in jan/feb as the academic sessions rolls from Jan to Jan?
    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. Hi Deepsha, you only need to have successfully completed FY1 to apply for competent authority. I’d recommend aiming for jobs out of sync with the academic calendar here as you will find it easier to interest employers. Most of the Jan to Jan jobs go to local doctors.

  7. Hi
    I am emergency trainee in UK currently. I graduated in Slovenia(EU), so do not have PLAB.
    I will not finish specialty training in UK as moving to Australia.
    Do I need AMC exams or would I be eligible for competent pathway as have been working in UK for the past 3 years?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Lana, yes you will need to do the AMC exams. You required the full PLAB for an exemption from this.

      1. Hi
        I am Joyonta paul, i have done my MBBS in Bangladesh. My question is if I complete PLAB and do Fy2 in Uk as i have already completed my internships in Bangladesh which is equivalent to Fy1.
        So should i need to sit for AMC exam..???
        Or i can directly apply for Australia to get a job and get registration

        1. You will need to complete supervised training in the UK and then you can apply for the competent authority pathway.

      2. Hi
        I am Joyonta paul, i have done my MBBS in Bangladesh. My question is if I complete PLAB and do Fy2 in Uk as i have already completed my internships in Bangladesh which is equivalent to Fy1.
        So should i need to sit for AMC exam..???
        Or i can directly apply for Australia to get a job and get registration
        And what is the percentage of getting resistration in competent pathway..?
        Thank you in advance

    1. Australia has been slowly expanding its medical graduate output. This has probably made it tighter for certain categories of IMGs. It’s hard to get a good idea of the prospects. I would say that the number of positions being advertised that will take IMGs is probably a little bit less than it was 5 or 10 years ago.

  8. Hi Tony, I have 4 years experience in Australia and I can’t seem to het over the AMC clinical. Will the australian experience count towards the PLAB if I start the PLAB exams now in order to apply for the competent authority pathway?

    1. Hi Daniela, it is possible that your supervised practice in Australia could be counted as part of the PLAB -> competent authority process.

  9. Hi Anthony, I just came across your post. really helpful and thank you. my question is are you able to help one get a job over there in Australia since most of the registration process getting through involves having a job first?

    1. Hi Bless thanks for your kind words. I do work directly with doctors to maximise their chances of getting a job in Australia. As you say it really does come down to whether you have a job offer or not.

  10. Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for all the help you are offering to everyone.
    I am a post graduate in radiology from India, now 5 years post MD.
    I have done one year fellowship in neuroradiology from Mumbai, India, and another 6 month fellowship in MSK radiology from NUH, Singapore. I am planning to get GMC registration via PLAB soon. I am interested in working in Australia for long term in radiology. How to go about it ?

    1. Hi Ankur from your description you would be looking at going via the specialist pathway.

      1. Hello sir,
        Thank you for that lovely post!
        I’m currently doing my internship after mbbs in India and also side by side finishing plab! After that I plan to do fy2 for 1 year in UK after GMC registration.
        How to I apply for a general surgery or ENT training in Australia after that? What is the specialist training process in Australia after registering as a doctor?

        1. Hi Sindhu, If you successfully complete the PLAB and do one year supervised in the UK you would apply for a role here and if successful obtain registration via the competent authority path. Once that is complete you will be able to obtain general registration. You will also need to obtain permanent residency as RACS makes this a requirement for joining surgical training.

  11. Hello sir, sorry for asking a long question but i need some guidance. I am a final year medical school student in INDIA and I wanna go to AUS for further carrer, i came to know about AMC exam that is required to obtain a license, but i read somewhere that its not easy to get a job as an IMG after that exam, so better go for specialist pathway. And then I came to know that PLAB can also be used as competent pathway for specialist pathway in AUS, so if I pass my PLAB exam and obtain the GMC license, but then the problem is there are very few FY 1/2 jobs in UK for IMG, so now my question is can i undergo a non training job for a year to obtain competency, or do i need to go through coretraining training job (CT 1)? please advise me on this or any other way which might be good for me

    1. Hello Manish if you are going the PLAB route to Australian competent authority then you need at least one year in a supervised role in the UK. Preferably this is part of a training program.

  12. Hi Anthony does passing MRCS (UK) give any advantage for migration to it helpful to apply for competent pathway..??

    1. Hello Gaurav the MRCS (UK) has limited application to Australia. Its only really helpful as part of completing specialist recognition in the UK, in which case you can apply for registration via specialist pathway. It will not help you with competent authority.

  13. Hi there. I am looking to complete my medical studies in Poland. This allows me to do internship in Ireland. If I do the PLAB along side the supervised internship in Ireland does it count as Category A?

    Best Wishes

  14. Hi Anthony,
    Im a medical graduate from Bangladesh , with my internship completed.
    Ive got my LMCC but i do not have any work experience in Canada
    Can i skip the AMC examinations or do i need work experience in Canada too to skip AMC just like PLAB ?
    Can i get through Competent Authority pathway ?

    1. Hi here is the direct words from the Medical Board:

      Successful completion of the licentiate examinations of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC)
      since 1992, AND:
      • 12 months postgraduate education or residency training in Canada, or
      • 12 months supervised training (internship equivalent) completed in another Board approved
      competent authority country, approved by that competent authority.
      NOTE: This period of practice can be undertaken as part of the LMCC, or separately.

      So if you are able to get a year’s supervised training in say the UK and get that approved then this would be another option.

  15. Dear Anthony,

    I came through these great posts.Thank you for your generous , helpful replies.

    A question if you don’t mind, if i cleared all steps of PLAB plus a year or two in a specialist job in UK , can I target the competent authority pathway?

  16. Hello ,
    I am graduate from pakistan i wanted to ask that if i complete plab but hve 1 year training in my homeland would it be acceptable by Amc with plab or i need to do 1 year training in UK as well ??? Your help would be appreciated

  17. Great info, probably one of the most informative posts i have read so far.
    I am an American citizen with MD from Dominican Republic, currently studying Functional Medicine. No usmle or other residency though.
    I am currently in QLD on 651 visitor visa and am exploring 407 trainee visa, dont seem to have other options to stay in Australia while i study and take AMC exams. Is it a viable option in your opinion? I also have two primary school age kids who would need to attend school.
    You suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

    1. Hi Quest thanks for your positive feedback. I don’t promote myself as an expert on visas. So I can’t really comment on that aspect of your question. That being said many IMGs have found that enrolling in higher ed degrees here gives them the type of visa and time to also sit for AMCs. Some of the major financial issues you will face will be around paying for schooling for your children and having to take out health insurance for your family whilst here. Hope this helps.

  18. Hi there. Thank you for providing this information. I am a doctor in South Africa – I completed my two years of internship and am completing my one year of community service currently. Unfortunately for some reason South Africa is not recognized so I would have to go through the standard pathway. I have a potential job offer set up for next year; would I just need to complete the MCQ prior to starting or the clinical as well? As far as I am aware there are no facilities in SA that offer the exams remotely which means I would have to come over to Aus to write. From your write-up above, I presume my writing PLAB would not help (as this is offered remotely in SA)

    1. Hi Nikita thanks for your question. Yes. The PLAB written will not count and you would need to pass the AMC MCQ. You should also check that your job offer will be ok from a supervisory point of view. You would be able to sit the AMC Clinical whilst working. I would also check your English language eligibility as well. Its unlikely to be an issue but worth checking just in case.

  19. Hi. I am a Bangladeshi doctor. I had passed my OET and preparing for my plab exam. My concern is, i had passed in 2008 and had worked in different fields of medical science. If i can explain GMC after registration that all reasons are valid and i work in an UK hospital for one year is that enough to exempt from language test and AMC exam? With my OET and PLAB and 1 year work experience in uk can i apply for job as a doctor in Australi? Or i had to wait for another one year supervised trainin?

    1. Hello Fakrul if you can show you have completed all aspects of PLAB and at least one year’s supervised training in UK you would be able to apply via competent authority. In relation to English Language, it would depend if you have been working solely in English since 2008. I suspect you may end up finding that you need to resit the OET or another similar test.

  20. Hi I am doing residency in Qatar in medicine, i am taking my mrcp side by side. after finishing the residency and completing 3 steps of mrcp, what pathway can i apply for. I have Australian PR . Thanks

    1. Standard Pathway. The MRCP is only useful if you go on to complete Specialist training in the UK.

  21. Hi Anthony , I am now going to the UK as Registrar. Would I be able to come to Australia after one year completion here?

    1. Hi Anthony, I graduated and trained overseas before I moved to Australia 2008 on spouse visa. Tried the AMC MCQ test once with no success. I was then advised by a friend that it would be better to wait to attain an Australian permanent residency or Citizenship before proceeding with the registration process and that things will get a lot easier then in terms of passing the test and getting a job! Story short, I started my family and got really busy with life and family over the years. Iam now preparing to sit the AMC/MCQ test again and was just wondering how good are my chances of going back on track given my history of several years of dormancy? And which of the Australian states do you recommend to have better opportunities in my case? I currently reside in Melbourne.
      Your support would be very much appreciated.

      1. Hello, Seetha if you have your registration in another country and are able to pass the MCQ you should have a better chance with being a permanent resident. A lack of recency of practice will be a strong issue for you, however. I’d recommend that you look into options for regaining some experience.

    2. Hey.
      I’m in the process of writing PLAB. As you said after a year of training, I’ll be exempt from the AMC exam to practise in Australia and the competent pathway is the way to go. My question is, what’s the pathway after that to pursue post grad or specialisation ?

      1. Hi there is no “pathway” after this. At least in the sense that competent authority and standard pathways are pathways to registration. You gain your general registration after a year of successful working in a post and then you can apply for most college training programs.

  22. Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for detail explanation. I have done PLAB more then 3 years ago. Also done PRES Irish registration exam. And I have more then 2 years work experience in Ireland. Will I be eligible for exemption from AMC

      1. Hi Anthony,

        Thank you very much for your posts and replies of the comments..i was reading halfway but decided to ask my question to make sure.

        I may have the opportunity to apply for UKFPO as a IMG and after completing PLAB 1 and 2, would be expected to commence FY1.

        So based on the competent authority pathway, I only need to complete FY1 before I can apply to Australia and avoid the AMC examinations. Of course like you say I need a job offer what are the prospects for applicants for the competent authority pathway?

        Is it better to complete FY2 too while waiting for jobs to be offered?

        I am a bit confused about non-trained work. Is FY1 considered trained in this case.

        Lastly, after being accepted to Australia and completing 12 months supervision, will we be considered to have full registration with AHPRA and does it mean we are registered to work in NZ too?

        Thank you for your input and helping us understand this better.


        1. Hi Matthew. CA IMGs are generally preferred over SP IMGs, particularly IMGs who only have AMC Part 1. You could start applying in your FY2 but the more UK experience the more likely you are to land a job here. Once you complete your 12 months supervision you are recommended for general registration. So yes. You could also then work in New Zealand. Again if you can find a job.

          1. Alright thanks a lot for the quick reply! wished I saw this post earlier as the deadline to be absorbed for UK foundation programme is soon approaching..hope I have the time to do so.

  23. Hi Anthony is Matthew again,

    Just want to know some of the prospects or chances of getting a job in Aus after FY1 via the CA IMGs pathway, vs other applicants from say, Monash Malaysia who are accredited by the AMC and does not need any extra exams to work in Aus.

    Does it come down to years of experience then? would one have a better chance of getting a job in Aus if they apply for rural health eg: rural gp?

    Thanks again.


    1. Hi Matthew so in both cases, a UK medical school graduate and a Monash Malaysia graduate. You don’t need to do any extra exams to be able to register in Australia. A Monash Malaysia graduate actually faces a tough task if they want to work in Australia as they need to apply for an internship and tend to be last on the list or near to last on the list for these. A UK graduate who has completed FY1 will generally find that they can find an RMO post somewhere in Australia. Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks again Anthony for the quick reply.

        I guess it means the CA IMGs will be better at securing a job. I heard rural health is always on demand thus was wondering if an applicant should apply for that area to increase the chance.

        Oh yes one last question. As graduates from Monash Malaysia would find it hard to get internship in Australia, once they have finished the 2 years internship in Malaysia, can they apply for jobs and if accepted, need to have 12 months supervision right? Will those jobs be general and non-training positions?

        In addition, graduates from Malaysian universities who have done 2 years internship in Malaysia will need to take the AMC MCQ and clinical exams to be the “same” level playing field as graduates from Monash Malaysia…is this correct?

        Sorry for all these questions as I’m trying to work out a pathway that would be suitable for me in the long run.

        Thanks so much for your replies!


      2. Hi Anthony,

        Thank you for unconditional help.

        I want to settled in Australia by any how. So would you please suggest me which pathway will be more connivent for me.
        Plab or Amc?
        Which one will give me more priority or security in getting job.

        I am doing my internship in Bangladesh.
        Thank you again. Love.

  24. Hi again Anthony,

    In additon to the above questions, I have 2 more questions:

    1) According to a statr at NZ medical council, an IMG is required to have taken AMC exams or workbased assessement even if a doctor has gotten full registration through the Competent Authority Pathway, which in this case is that possible? (cause they don’t actually require it)

    2) My friend who is working in Australia mentioned about doctors having conditional offers, yet have not passed the AMC exams. How and what would this involve?

    Thank you again for your time.


  25. Hi I have a GMC accredited UK primary medical qualification (PMQ), but obtained this at an international branch campus of an UK University (Similar set up to Monash Malaysia MBBS). I have now completed foundation year 1 and 2 in the UK. Am I eligible for the CA pathway B?

    1. I would think the answer is yes. But if you want me to look into your situation in more depth let me know and we can sort out a coaching session.

  26. Hello Anthony,
    I have the following situation: I am a romanian citizen, I graduated medical school in Romania 2 years ago. Since then I started in my country a residency in neurology (i will have completed 2 years out of 5 at the end of 2019).
    I can register into GMC without having to take Plab exam after passing IELTS.

    Can I try the competent authority pathway and avoid AMC exams if i register in GMC ?
    Do these 2 years of residency in my country count as internship experience in Australia ?
    In case not, what path is more straight for my position in order to do my training in Australia?

    Thank you in advance,

    1. Hello Mihaela you need to complete the PLAB process to be able to apply for competent authority.
      Your 2 years of residency will be acceptable for internship equivalence.
      You are best off looking at the AMC / Standard Pathway process.

  27. Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for your efforts, really appreciated.

    I am a Pakistani national and have completed the PLAB examination. My GMC registration is underway.
    My husband and I have Australian PR. Please advise if I work for a period of 12+ months in the UK, would I still be required to pass the AMC exam to complete the AMC registration.
    As our final plan is to settle down in Australia.

    Thank you
    Dr. Ayesha Shah

  28. Hi Anthony,
    Your efforts are really appreciated to ease IMGs.

    I have a query, I am holding Australian PR and currently in the process of getting a job in the UK after PLAB examinations and GMC registration. Please advise, will I be able to get registered in AMC without AMC exam if I worked in the UK for 12+ months.
    My plan is to finally settle down in Australia.


    1. Hi Ayesha

      As the article indicates you would be able to go via competent authority if you have fully completed the PLAB.

    2. Hi Anthony
      I want to clear one thing if i cleared plab and complete 1 year internship in uk than I’ll be eligible to work in Australia and Canada without any exam?

      1. I don’t know about Canada. But as long as that 1 year’s experience is signed off as some form of supervised placement it will generally count for Australia.

  29. Hi Anthony,

    I am Malaysian and an Irish medical school graduate (2019). May i ask, would i be able to avoid the AMC exam if i graduated from medical school in Ireland however did my 2 year housemanship (internship) in Malaysia?

    Thanks for your time.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hello Rachel unfortunately you are probably going to have to do AMC. The information stated by the Medical Board is as follows: “Graduate of a Medical School in Ireland accredited by the Medical Council of Ireland, AND
      Successful completion of an internship in Ireland (Certificate of experience) or another Board approved competent authority country”, Malaysia is not a competent authority country.

  30. Hi Anthony,
    i think there is a recent change that if we have Australian experience, then it can compensate for post-exam experience in UK. For example: If we have PLAB 1 and 2, AMC MCQ, OET and PESCI, and we work in Australia, and no work experience in UK, we can still get general registration via competent authority pathway. This is according to the medical board of Australia. Can you please confirm this.

    1. Yes. That is correct. There is this very confusing statement on the Medical Board website that says that a competent authority can recognise experience in another competent authority country. Obviously Australia is a competent authority country. So in this scenario, if you could get your GMC registration you could then feasibly bypass the need for the AMC Part 2.

      1. Note: Australian clinical experience can be substituted for post-examination or post training experience for the purposes of meeting the criteria for eligibility for the Competent Authority pathway.

        This period of practice in Australia may also be accepted as meeting the requirements for the 12 month period of supervised practice which is required to gain general registration via the Competent Authority pathway. According to the above note can I sit for PLAB 1 ,PLAB 2 and get the GMC registration and straight away do the required 12 months supervised practice in Australia instead of Uk? Then I don’t need to do again another one more year in Australia before getting the full registration in Australia.

        1. Hi Fathima can you tell me why you are trying to overcomplicate matters and not just apply for the AMC exams?

          The problem with the above is you won’t be able to get registered to work the 12-month supervised post as you have not fully completed the UK Competent Authority requirements.

          You would still need to pass the AMC 1 to be able to apply for a post here.

      2. Hi, i have done my mbbs from pakistan with one year of internship, i wanted to.inquire which pathway will take minimum time to become a practicing practitioner, also how tough is amc exam?

        1. Hello, we have a number of other posts here that answer your question. You would be looking at the standard pathway which involves the AMC exams.

  31. Hi
    My daughter has dual nationality (French/ Australian). She was born in and lived all her life in Australia up until now. If she was to do medicine in France, would she need to do AMC exam in order to work here? Could she avoid this by working in the UK for a period after graduation?

    1. Hi Jane its hard to predict that far into the future. However, under the current rules, your daughter would still need to do the AMC as EU doctors do not have to sit the equivalent process in the UK, the PLAB. This might change with the fallout of Brexit however.

  32. Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for unconditional help.

    I want to settled in Australia by any how. So would you please suggest me which pathway will be more connivent for me.
    Plab or Amc?
    Which one will give me more priority or security in getting job.

    I am doing my internship in Bangladesh.
    Thank you again. Love.

  33. Dr Anthony, I want to know about entering psychiatry in Australia through PLAB + 1 year of a non training work experience in UK. Could you please explain this? Kindly help.

    1. Hi Samriddhi, in some cases you may be able to still get this year of work approved as meeting the supervision requirements. It all depends on the post and what your supervisors have to say.

  34. Hi. My name is Jeremiah. I passed my plab 1 and 2 exams in the UK. I also Completed my 12 months of internship in Nigeria. I have over 3 years of experience post internship. Do I still need to do the AMC exams? And what are my options?

  35. Hello Anthony,
    Thank you for providing guidance to IMGs, it’s hard to find well-explained information.

    I read the previous questions and helped me to solve a lot of questions I had.

    I’m a GP with 4-year experience in Mexico, currently taking the PLAB pathway to UK (my fiancé is English, not a physician), but the weather in the UK is a downside for me, our aim is to move to Australia and I want to be able to work as a GP, so far, my plan is to complete the WAST year of training (to my understanding is in the same category as FY2) right after finishing that year of training, could I apply to Australia? or should I skip the path in the UK applying directly to Australia (due that is my end goal)? If that is the case, which pathway will suit me better? Which path would speed up the process?

    Thank you in advance, Saludos!

    1. Hi Sofia if you are that close to finishing all the required steps for PLAB then you are probably best off doing that. As it will mean you can skip past the AMC exams and apply directly for competent authority registration (dependent on securing a job offer of course).

  36. Hi Anthony,
    I am an IMG who will be working as FY2 in a NHS Hospital in the next few weeks. Supposing I complete my checklist of FY2 competency all the while gaining experience in the UK for a full year, would I then be eligible for the “competency pathway”? Also are doctors coming to Australia through this pathway subject to any additional exams (e.g. skill assessment/aptitude test) from any professional body??
    Kindly enlighten me on these issues plz.

    1. Hello, Aung if you complete the FY2 then you will have worked the required supervised period. Assuming you also have your PLAB then you would be eligible for competent authority. Apart from finding a job, there are no other “tests” to work as a resident or even unaccredited trainee.

  37. Hi Anthony
    I am a General Surgeon in India with 6 years of experience..i was told that it is very difficult to work as general surgeon in Australia even if i try the specialist pathway…is there any way that i may work as GP in Australia..thanks

    1. Hi Rahul

      You are correct surgery specialties are more difficult to crack. The college assessment outcomes are on the relatively low side (but still most Specialist IMGs to get through). However obtaining a suitable post after this can be a battle.

      If you wanted to work as a GP it would firstly depend on whether you have relevant primary care training and experience as general practice is a specialty in its own right in Australia.

  38. Hi Anthony,
    hope you are doing good. I am an IMG from India. Have cleared my LMCC exam in canada. I can not practice as a doctor in canada without doing my residency here. as you have mentioned in earlier posts that for competent pathway AMC registration they require 1 year of additional training after PLAB, which i cant get without doing any residency in canada. So my question is am i eligible to go through competent pathway without writing any AMC exams?

  39. Hi Anthony,
    Do you know if I can get a job in public health after making a master without AMC certification?

  40. Hi Anthony,
    First of all, thank you for all your amazing work! I would be grateful if you could help me with my question.
    If I graduate from a EU medical school (Malta), take my PLAB, however, do the internship in the Republic of Ireland and not the UK; would that suffice for Competent Pathway A? (the third bullet point states ‘or another competent authority’s.
    Kindest regards,

    1. Hi Sebastian. Yes, this probably would work. The period of internship would need to be approved as satisfactory by the GMC.

      1. Thank you so much for the valuable information you have provide through this post and in the replies to the comments. I have cleared plab 2 and want to pursue paediatrics in Australia. If I give AMC 1 in the coming year and then apply for supervised post in Australia, what are my chances of getting a job compared to if I get a year UK experience without giving AMC 1? Also if i do FY 2 year in UK can I apply for paediatric training jobs in Australia for 1 year supervised work until I get permanent registration?

        1. Hello, Jane thanks for the positive feedback. Essentially if you can complete the PLAB by doing some UK experience, you are in a better category as employers here tend to favour candidates who are eligible for the competent authority pathway.

  41. Hi Anthony,
    I’m so glad that I found your blog, for me I’m done with Usmle exams step 1 and 2ck.
    How I can get benefits from these exams to be registered in AMC, to be known I have not practice medicine in USA.
    Another question, how much hard is getting residency in any specialization in Australia?

    1. Hello Rasha, As I have explained in the blog and on my YT channel exams such as USMLE are of no use unless you are able to complete the supervised experience component. In relation to getting into specialty training in Australia, this very much depends on which specialty you are going for.

    2. Hi Anthony,

      I have completed all usmle steps and certified by ecfmg. However, I didn’t undergo residency in the states, as I chose to complete my housemanship in Malaysia.

      May I know what is the process of securing a job in a Australia? Do I need to sit for AMC in this case?

      Thank you.


      1. Hello Careen unless you can gain some supervised experience in the US or another competent authority country, you would need to sit the AMC.

  42. Hello Anthony,
    I have finished my AMC certificate in Australia 2017, but unfortunately I have not started working up till now because I only have 2 years overseas experience and 8 years gap as it took me 8 years to clear the AMC. I sat for the pesci twice and I did well but again because of the gap and the lake of experience.
    I was thinking to set for the PLAB. Do I still have to take 12 month of supervised practice in UK provided that I have already did my internship in Egypt or I will be able to apply for the provisional registration under the competent pathway provided I have a job opportunity.
    sorry for my long question will appreciate your advice.

    1. Hi Vivian

      You would have to complete all steps of the PLAB including the requirement for supervised experience in the UK or another GMS approved competent authority country experience.

  43. Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for the prompt reply. That means I would have to follow standard pathway for the application. Is there a different whether or not I completed my housemanship in my home country? Does it add on any value to the application?


  44. Hi Anthony,

    Thank you so much for this post, it has been very helpful for me, I just want to clarify the year of supervised practice in UK ; what kind of jobs exactly do they mean? Can i do a job as a resident doctor in a private hospital where i work directly with consultants or do i have to work as a doctor in the NHS hospitals, as i saw part of the requirements is 12 months of supervised training (internship equivalent) in the UK ?
    Thank you

    1. The experience would have to satisfy the requirements of the Medical Board as supervised experience. Generally, if it is accepted by the GMC and you can prove both supervision and full GMC registration then this will be ok for the Medical Board of Australia. But the final determination is done by the Medical Board of Australia and I can’t comment on specific circumstances.

  45. Hi Anthony,

    Thank you so much for this post, it has been very helpful for me, I just want to clarify the year of supervised practice in UK ; what kind of jobs exactly do they mean? Can i do a job as a resident doctor in a private hospital where i work directly with consultants or do i have to work as a doctor in the NHS hospitals, as i saw part of the requirements is 12 months of supervised training (internship equivalent) in the UK ?
    Thank you

  46. Hi.. My query is that…is the MRCS accepted in Australia and New Zealand? Or do I need to apply with any other exam?

  47. Hi Career Doctor,
    Can someone who has got UK GMC registration through MRCP and have more than 12 months of supervised training in UK apply from competent pathway ?

  48. Hi.
    I have completed my medical degree in Russia and i have not done my internship.
    Currently, i have completed my Masters by Research in a reputed Australian University.
    3 months ago i finished my AMC part 1 exam and hoping to take part 2 soon.
    i just wanted to know if i complete both exam is there any possibility to get an internship in Australia.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Nuwan. See this post. You are unlikely to be offered an internship. There’s always an exception. But its a very very very small chance.

  49. Please make a blog or video on training programs year by year in Australia and after obtaining full registration in Australia what next to do for entering in this specialist programms.

  50. Hello ANTHONY
    I am a medical graduate from Pakistan. I have done MCPS family medicine from Pakistan.
    I want to apply in research program related to Family medicine. I need some advice

  51. Hi Anthony,
    I know a young person who completed her medical degree in China and returned to Sri Lanka in July. Since then she has been waiting for an exam date to sit for the ERPM, the Sri Lankan qualifying exam in order to be able to do an internship, which is supposed to be held in Jan/Feb.

    I was wondering if there are any pathways to obtain an internship (12 months supervised training) in Australia if she completes AMC 1 & 2 and OET?

    I would really appreciate your input. Thank you so much!

      1. Hi Anthony,
        Thank you for the quick response. However, the reason for my inquiry was to find out if it was possible to obtain an internship in Australia as it looks like it is taking a long time in Sri Lanka! However from what I gather from your response, it is “an unrealistic expectation for an IMG.”
        Thanks again.
        Have a great day.

  52. Hi Anthony,
    For the full registration through the PLAB, do the 12 months training need to be taken in the UK or can they be taken in Asutralia?
    In summary this is the pathway:
    AMC 1 + PLAB 1 + PLAB 2 + 12 months working as a GP in Australia

    1. Yes I understand that this is possible. There is a section on the Medical Board site under competent authority for the UK process that states “if the 12 months supervised training (internship equivalent) is completed in another Board approved competent authority country, approved by that competent authority”

  53. I am head of deptt. Critical care in India for last two years managing 35 beds. I have experience of 15 years post M.D. ( Anaesthesia), out of which 8 yrs as Consultant. I am EDIC qualified and registered in GMC but no experience in UK, presently working in India.
    What are my chances of substantially comparable in Australia assessment? How many years of supervision is required? What position would be offered? What about PR?
    I will really appreciate your response. Thanks

    1. Hi Rajneesh from the sounds of it your chances are fairly good. It would depend particularly on how long your formal training was. If it was more like 4 + years then you probably stand a reasonable chance of substantial comparability. I’d recommend you think about doing a coaching session with me or one of my packages if you are serious about working in Australia.

  54. Hello sir,

    I did my MBBS from a university in china (recognized by both AMC and WDOMS), now I am doing my masters (MSc) in interventional cardiology. Will this coarse be counted as 3 years of experience in this field? and will I be eligible to apply in specialist pathway?

    thank you

    1. As a rough guess without diving deeper into your situation, I would suspect that 3 years of interventional cardiology without some general medicine training and broader cardiology training is not going to be seen as enough by the RACP. I would suggest you book a coaching session if you want to go into it in more detail.

  55. Hello, and thank you for answering my question in advance.
    How is NZREX comparable to AMC (MCQ) in terms of difficulties?

  56. Hi Anthony,
    Can u please guide me,
    I am 3rd year MBBS student from Pakistan, I want to practice in Australia later on after completing 5 years of MBBS,
    I want to know how can I practice in Australia, I mean what is the procedure to get there ? AMC is required ? Or whatever the procedure is, please guide me in detail, I want to be there after my Degree, How can I proceed ?

    1. Hi Sila, have a look around the site and you will find lots of information. Also, check out our YouTube channel. For individual guidance, I suggest booking a coaching session 🙂

  57. Umm, I want some specific Information means I just want to confirm, Like I dont wanna give PLAB test cuz dont wanna practice for 1 year in UK, i want to know About AMC criteria, kindly tell me is it OK for me to practice in Australia by giving this test only ? How can I manage to pass this exam ?

  58. Hello Anthony
    I have done mbbs from Pakistan and am now in Ireland for internship.will I be able to skip AMC test if I complete 12months internship.if I want to practice in Australia

    1. Hi Asad, no you need to have completed your medical degree in Ireland to be eligible for competent authority pathway

  59. Hi Anthony,
    I hope you are well. First of all, I’d like to say that I’m comforted by this article; it has helped a lot of people and has also brought clarity to some of my queries. I would appreciate your guidance on a few things.
    To give you an overview, I completed medical school from Pakistan and also completed my internship (1 year) there. I am eager to practise in Australia and planning on taking the PLAB route. My questions are:

    1. After clearing PLAB, candidates are offered jobs in Foundation Year 2 programs in the UK. Does completing 12 months in FY-2 fulfill the eligibility requirements of Competent Authority Pathway?
    Doctors working in FY-2 are referred to as House Officers. What is the nature of “supervised training” that the Australian Board requires a candidate to go through?

    2. I am going for PLAB exams soon. After I clear those and get registered with GMC, what posts do you suggest I apply for in the UK?

    3. After getting medical registration via Competent Authority Pathway, what are my options/chances of getting into a specialist training program in an Australian hospital?

    4. I read in the aforementioned posts that MRCPUK doesn’t apply unless accompanied by CCT. If I appear for MRCPUK exams, complete specialist training in the UK and get CCT from GMC, what opportunities will I have in Australia?

    5. How can an IMG holding registration with Irish Medical Council and working in a Non-Consultant Hospital Doctor (NCHD) role in Ireland fulfill the eligibility requirements for Competent Pathway?

    I await your kind response, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Saman

      Thanks for the kind words. A year in FY2 will be ok for Australian purposes.

      I suggest if you are aiming to come to Australia soon then any general posts or posts in critical care, psychiatry or general medicine are best.

      If you gain general registration through competent authority then you have as many chances as others for specialist training here. Most posts are not restricted because of visa issues, although there is some risk you could be bumped by someone with permanent residency or citizenship.

      If you get a CCT from the UK you will definitely have a good chance of getting a job here.

      It is not possible to fulfil the competent authority pathway by being an IMG in Ireland.

  60. Hello Anthony,
    My name is Dr Rishi Rajesh Jiwarajka
    I have cleared my MBBS from India with 1 year of internship
    I am currently pursuing an MSc in Assisted conception to enhance my academic skills, in the UK
    I am concurrently clearing both parts of PLAB while living in the UK and will be done by the end of this year.
    I want to pursue a career in surgical training(general surgery or OBGYN) in australia after 1 year of supervised training in the UK with a full GMC license.
    What are my next steps?

  61. Hi Anthony! Firstly, I’d like to say thanks so much for this post! I’ve been skimming the internet up and down for some of the answers I’ve found here.
    Secondly.. I’m wondering if you can clarify a few thinks about obtaining Australian medical registration, if I am already GMC certified.
    I am an FY2 working in England, due to complete the foundation programme in August. I was hoping to work in Australia for a year or two before coming back to the UK to complete training.

    I have duo citizenship – Canadian and Polish, and attended medical school in Poland (English program, graduating with an MD). I applied to the UK foundation programme without writing the PLAB – since Poland belongs to the EEA, this was not a requirement, and am now GMC certified (as of completion of FY1).

    My school is recognized by the Australian Medical Council and the WDOMS.
    I was wondering if I will have any issues with registration in Australia, given that I have completed the UK Foundation Programme but did not write the PLAB or any other board exam?

    Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time and expertise!!

    1. Hi Caroline. Thanks for the great feedback. Because you have not sat the PLAB you will be required to do the AMC exams. That being said you should find employers will be very receptive given that you have had some UK experience.

  62. Hello
    I am a Russian medical graduate. Is there any country which will offer non paid internship with passed plab 1

      1. If I have done internal medicine residency from India for 3 years and hold MRCP (UK) with 12 months of registrarship in UK (ST3) will I be exempted from AMC exams if so what pathway should I be applying through? Thank you

  63. Hi,
    I completed my medical school in Philippines and i am from India.
    Currently, doing my post graduate internship here in manila.
    I wanted to go into surgery so wanted to ask you what is the probability that an IMG gets accepted for surgical residency programs?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ruby

      I think we have covered this a few times here on the site. Surgery is quite competitive here in Australia and the added problem is you will need permanent residency to apply for training.

  64. Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for your very informative blog. My name is Rizki, I am an Australian citizen currently working in Canada. My wife is a specialist from Indonesia, she is now studying to do Canadian LMCC Exams in the next few months and hoping to get a match in Canada. However, due to changes in circumstances in my work arrangement, we are planning to leave the country and move to Australia end of next year. My wife can apply for Ausie spouse visa with my sponsorship so visa to stay permanently wont be an issue. I dont think my wife will pass the specialist pathway in Australia, so she will have to do the standard pathway. Now, if she continues and passes with her Canadian LMCC Exams (called MCCQE 1 and 2), is she going to be exempt from doing AMC exams? What is the residency matching process in Australia?

    Thanks heaps!


    1. Hello only if your wife completed 12 months postgraduate education or residency training in Canada. There is no equivalent to the residency matching process in Australia.

  65. Dear Dr LLEWELLYN,
    After years of confusion about the AMC registration, your article has solved the problem, so thank you very much.
    I finished plab exams and got my GMC registration and I have two years of supervised practice in the UK but in Radiology. Can I get the Australian registration with these criteria?

  66. Hello Sir,
    Thank you so much for the detailed and informative post. I am an IMG studying in Pakistan. I am a US citizen and thus am prepping for the USMLE. I am keeping my options open, which is why I was looking into Australia as well. If I take all three steps, instead of doing two years of residency training in the US could I substitute that with clinical experience in Australia? Or is there a way where I can apply for residency training in Australia with my USMLE results? Thank you again for all of your help.

    1. Hi Bilal, neither of those options are options sorry. You have to complete the full process in the US.

  67. Hi I am IMG recently cleared MRCOG Part 1 and 2 and now gotta complete 4 years training so just wondering is it possible for me to get training in Australia or UK ?

    1. In relation to the UK I am not in a position to comment. Sadly the MRCOG is of little use to you if you are wanting to work in Australia.

  68. Hi Anthony, I am a Greek medical graduate. Getting a full GMC registration in the UK does not require for us to pass the PLAB test since we are EU citizens. Do I still need to sit the PLAB test in order to apply for the Competent Pathway or the GMC registration and a FY1 are enough?

  69. Hi Anthony , I have completed USMLE 1 and 2 and I finished Critical care Training in India . I have had 2 yrs training in emergency medicine and 2 yrs training in ICU . I am working as a consultant in ICU . I understand I would not be eligible for competent pathway , but will I be eligible for specialist pathway ?

    1. Hi Karthik you didn’t tell me that you have an MD or equivalent in a specialty. So I am thinking no is the answer.

  70. Hi Anthony
    IMG, Australian citizen, born and raised
    passed USMLE 1, 2CK, NZREX
    PGY1 in NZ
    eligible for Competent Authority pathway with MBA?

    1. Sounds like you are actually eligible for general registration in Australia by virtue of your presumably general registration in NZ.

  71. Hi Anthony,
    I have just completed PLAB 2 and I will be registered with the GMC in coming weeks. My family members are in Australia. At the beginning, in UK I will most probably be given Non-training FY2 equivalent level positions (which are supervised positions from approved hospitals). If so, can I work in such post for 12 months and apply through the Competent pathway or should I secure FY2 post training towards a specialization?
    With regards,

  72. Hi Anthony

    I hope you are well. I am medical graduate from Pakistan. I am practicing medicine at the moment. I have passed PLAB 1 exam. Can I skip AMC1 exam because of my PLAB 1 results?

    Thank you for your time.


    Imran Malik

  73. Good day, I am. 5th year medical student in Russia, I would like to know the process to practice in Australia. I will be graduating soon and I would like to put my plans in order.

    Thank you

  74. Hi Anthony
    australian citizen completes an UK medical degree as an international student
    returns home to oz without a FY1 in UK (did not get one)
    required to sit AMC 1, 2 ?
    eligible for a Provisional or Limited registration?

    1. Hi Ken we have covered this issue elsewhere on the blog. You need to get a year’s supervised work somewhere. Sitting the AMC is not going to help you.

  75. Hi Dr Anthony, I am an IMG , US Citizen. I have passed my USMLE step 1, 2CK and 2CS, please what do I need to do to apply for medical residency training in Australia

  76. Hello. I have completed MD and DMRD (Radiodiagnosis) in India. My longterm goal is to clear FRCR/FRANZCR and work in the UK, Australia or other countries as a radiologist where FRCR or its equivalent is valid for practice for an IMG. Right now I wish to have abroad working experience in the UK, Australia etc before i could clear all steps of FRCR. Should I take PLAB now or try applying via specialist pathway. Please suggest. Thank you.

  77. Hello sir. I have 5 years of training in Radiology and I have completed MD and DMRD (Radiodiagnosis) in India. My longterm goal is to clear FRCR/FRANZCR and work in the UK, Australia or other countries as a radiologist where FRCR or its equivalent is valid for practice for an IMG. Right now I wish to have abroad working experience in the UK, Australia etc before i could clear all steps of FRCR. Should I take PLAB now or try applying via specialist pathway. Please suggest. Thank you.

  78. Hi Anthony, name is Noor and I am a final year medical student from Pakistan. I am also an Australian citizen and I am looking to move back to Australia after my degree is completed. As per requirement in Pakistan, I will complete a year of house job (internship) here before I move back. Could you please guide me as to how I should proceed with the registration process after graduating to be eligible to practice in Australia? Thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks Noor
      Kindly review the posts about the AMC process and Standard Pathway, as well as the related videos on the YT channel. If you need individual advice then we have coaching options available.

  79. Hi! I was just wondering if I complete core surgical training 1 and 2 in the UK will I be able to apply for an advance training position without going through the limited registration route? I’ve heard that we need a PR. But as a registrar, could I apply for a 189 visa as a surgeon?
    Thank you!

    1. You will still need to work a provisional year and its unlikely that you will be exempted from much training. You will also need PR to apply.

  80. Hi, i am currently doing residency in qatar in acgme accredited program. I will take steps 1 and 2 usmle. I wanted to know if i can apply through competent pathway as i will have usmle and i am doing residency in acgme accredited program. The only issue is its not inside us. Would really appreciate your advice.

    1. Hello,
      You will need all 3 steps of the USMLE and 2 years of ACGME accredited residency. It doesn’t necessarily need to be in the US.

  81. Hi Anthony, I have completed USMLE but do not have the supervised training experience in USA. I am currently preparing for MRCP and I want to ask if it is possible to get AMC registration based on USMLE exams and supervised training in UK (as experience component)?

  82. I did MBBS from Pakistan in 2017 , did internship from pakistan and have been a gp till date, and now today got Irish general registration. My question is: if I complete one year non-training but supervised SHO experience + I get GMC registration via Plab 1&2 while working in Ireland, then Can I get Australian registration via Competent authority pathway? Thanks a lot i. Advance Sir!

  83. Hi Anthony,

    I have an unusual situation, in that I am an Irish citizen that graduated from an Irish medical school, who direclty began FY1 in the UK (without taking the PLAB as it wasn’t a requirement). I did so immediately after graduating, meaning I didn’t take my intern year in Ireland, opting instead for the UK. Without a PLAB, does this preclude me from applying to Australia via the competent authority pathway?

    I have actually completed USMLE Step 1 and 2 CK (but not Step 3, is this a requirement?). From reading the previous posts and information above, would I be correct in saying having completed the USMLE Step 1 and 2, in addition to FY1 counting as the 12 month supervision requirement, I would be able to apply for the Competent Authority pathway?

    Thanks so much for advice!


    1. Hi Shane the combination of the Irish medical degree plus 12 months experience in another competent authority country still makes you eligible for the CA pathway.

  84. Hi,

    I am Dr. Lakshana from India and current doing DNB (Post graduate degree – 3years) in Bangalore, India after completing my MBBS degree. I would like to move to Australia for Doctor jobs through specialist pathway.

    Can you guide me to go through the process to register for specialist doctor in Australia.?
    May I know the tentative timeline(number of years) which will take to go through this process and get a Doctor job in Australia.

    Can you take me as your client and help me to go through this process. If so what would be the approximate charges involved for your service?

    Thanks in Advance for your valuable suggestion

    Best regards

    1. Hello Lakshana. Yes I do help clients with the process. If you go over to the services site you will see the various options available (links in menu).

  85. Hi,
    I have graduated from Sri Lanka and have also completed the PLAB. If I get into GP training in U.K., would that count as a training post, where after a year of working there I could apply to work in Australia through the alternative competency pathway?

      1. Thank you for your prompt reply. Would a Trust grade post (non training) as a SHO also be eligible for the alternative competency pathway?

  86. I am a South African trained doctor with Full GMC registration obtained in 2003 without PLAB and completed 12 months accredited supervised UK training. Will I be able to apply via the Competent authority pathway for provisional registration with the AMC?

    1. Hi Liz
      Unfortunately no you won’t be eligible for CA Pathway. However, your UK experience (as well as South African background) should assist you in being seen more favourably by employers.

  87. Hi
    Would a Trust grade post (non training) as a SHO also be eligible for the alternative competency pathway?

    1. Any supervised post in the UK is generally acceptable to the Medical Board. So long as it is “intern equivalent”.

  88. I have cleared MRCEM and completed training in emergency medicine. 2 years in Ireland and 4 years in Shifa Hospital Pakistan. Can I apply for AMC exemption and which pathway to adopt? Kindly guide.

    1. If you are qualified in Pakistan as an Emergency Medicine specialist you may be able to apply via the specialist pathway.
      I would recommend booking a strategy call.

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