Indian Doctors in Australia

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  1. Hi Anthony
    I am a paediatrician from India with Indian mbbs and post graduate degree in paediatrics . I worked for 1 year after my pg degree . Am I eligible for partially comparable way .? Alternatively after passing amc 1 how much can I earn in Victoria state ?

    1. Hi Shree we have salary guides on the blog.
      You would be eligible to apply for Specialist Pathway and this is a better option for you versus Standard Pathway.

  2. Hello Mr Anthony,
    Your article is SO helpful. It has all the required content at the same place, which, is very difficult to be found on the internet.
    I’ve completed MD anesthesia from India, and currently preparing for DNB. So I’d like to have two queries answered:
    1. Is DNB recognised in australia and if it is going to provide me any added advantage for applying there?
    2. At which part of the process can I get the permit or visa to move to Australia and complete the the rest of process?

    1. Hi Zahwa thanks for the positive feedback. Have you tried my Specialist Pathway free course as well?

      1. DNB is recognized. It doesn’t provide much of an advantage if you have already completed training.
      2. The visa comes last (after gaining a job and being approved for registration).

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