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  1. I’m a DM cardiologist with 1 yr of work experience from India can u let me know about the specialist pathway for cardiologists

    1. Feel free to enrol in my specialist pathway course which explains the process.
      The availability of Cardiology posts for IMGs here is extremely limited.

  2. I am a fully qualified GP in the UK and would like to work for Australia as a GP for few months/years to see if it’s something I want to do for long term.
    Any advice on how to look for jobs and procedure after please ?

    1. Hi Vineela
      Your situation is a little bit unusual in that there’s not really a streamlined option for GPs to come here temporarily. You would still need to go through the specialist pathway assessment process first.

  3. Hi i’m finishing my mrcp & plan to take advanced training in medical oncology in australia but will they accept. Because in the requirements for advanced training in the website said ; have passed racp

    1. You can only do advanced training in Australia with the RACP if you have completed basic training with the RACP.

  4. I am an EU qualified medical doctor, so I didn’t need to take any exams to get a full registration in Uk , if I complete my residency program in uk , then as a specialist doctor in Uk , do I still need to take AMC ( MCQ , Clinical ) exams in Australia?!

  5. I passed AMC part one recently. I have 23 years experience of GP. Now how can I proceed?

    1. You are probably eligible for one of the alternative pathways into general practice.

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