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  1. Hi Anthony,
    I am graduating in Medicine from a AMC recognised English medium medical college from India in March 2020. Medium of instruction is in English and all the assessments were done in English.
    I am an Australia Citizen and had all my primary and secondary education in Australia (From Year 2 to Year 12).
    Do I need to sit in English Language test?
    I am planning to take AMC MCQ test next year.

  2. Hello, I am a “Bangladeshi” citizen, I have completed my medical college and 1 year internship from “China” this year. I don’t have my license or registration to practice in Bangladesh as I am foreign graduate. I am planning to take AMC MCQ exam. Is my medical license or registration to practice in Bangladesh is required to get a job in Australia?

  3. Hi Anthony, I’m a GP in Indonesia.
    I have a question, my medical school is not register as one of medical school which is recognized by AMC, my question is, is it possible for me to apply for AMC exams ?
    Thank you

  4. Hi Anthony. What is the best time/period of the year to look and apply for jobs. And also, does Australia have a lot latin american doctors? I’m from Honduras and graduating this year, and the relationship between latin americans and the australian healthcare system is a topic that I’ve always been intereted in.


    1. Hi Oscar

      Thanks for the query. I’m not exactly sure of the number of Latin American doctors in Australia but it will be small. When to look for a job depends on whether you are a trainee doctor or specialist. For trainees you are best to avoid the peak orientation period of January and the annual medical recruitment period of July to Septemberish.

  5. Hi Anthony, I am an overseas graduate and i have completed my Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery . However, after completing my degree I could not do my internship year as I had to move to Australia. Now I am planning to sit for the AMC Exams.

    My question is, since I dont have any sort of experience from my home country, so even after I clear my AMC exams, would I be able to practice in Australia?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Lara. The short answer is you will need to do an internship somewhere. Passing the Part 1 AMC exam will still help you. If you want further guidance I suggest booking a coaching call with me.

  6. Is there a “good month” and a “bad month” to appear for AMC mcq exam? For example, some people are saying that May is the worst month because in May Australian medical School Students are writing their MCQs so competition is higher. Do you have any comments on it? Thanks.

    1. Australian medical students don’t sit the AMC exams. So it sounds like you are listening to the wrong people. There’s no particular month that is good or bad.

  7. Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for preparing this. I have query regarding registration requirement to obtain limited registration with AHPRA. I completed my medical degree in France. In France we complete our internship during our medical degree rather than it being completed post graduation. Once you graduate you chose your speciality and commence your residency. I moved to Australia on a permanent basis after completing my medical degree (inc internship) however did not proceed with my residency as such I did not register with the medical board in France. Will that be an issue in obtaining limited registration here in Australia? Thank you.

    1. In these circumstances, you would generally not be required to complete an internship. However, not having proof of registration in another country may be an issue for the MBA. Can you apply for registration in France still?

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