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    1. There is no reason you cannot apply for a WBA program even if you fail the AMC Part 2. You have to be employed first.

  1. Hi

    How long is the AMC MCQ exam valid? Is there a time limit for appearing for the AMC part 2 after the MCQ exam?

  2. Hello Dr Llewellyn,
    UK PGY3 (studied in Italy).
    Have done intern years (F1&2) in the NHS, now locum SHO in psychiatry.
    Would PLAB be acceptable instead of AMC?
    thanks in advance,

  3. I am a dermatologist from India applying for specialist recognition pathway. All my medical education was done in English. Is IELTS / English language proficiency test necessary for specialist recognition pathway?

  4. Hello Anthony,
    Thank you for sharing this essential information.
    I have completed specialist training in my homeland; however, the college has rejected them as comparable. Consequently, I’ve decided to start over with the standard pathway. Can I continue with standard pathway and start specialist training in anither field?

    Thank you.

    1. If you complete the Standard Pathway and gain general registration you can apply for specialist training.

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