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  1. Hello, I am planning to study medicine at Monash University Malaysia, what are my chances of getting an internship position? Is It extremely rare or are there students that studied in overseas amc accredited med schools and have gotten internship in Australia?

    1. You will most likely be able to obtain an internship here as you are included on the list of eligible students, albeit at the bottom.

  2. Amazing write up, thank you!

    Just looking at WA, ‘WA does not have a formal priority list’ – was this a recent change that they’ve gotten rid of their priority list, how could they guarantee domestic WA grads an intern spot if this is the case? I’m sure they used to be 1) WA domestic grads, 2) WA int grads, 3) WA year 12 finishers, 4) non-WA domestic grads, 5) int

    1. Hi, Western Australia used to have a category list. I’ve done an extensive search, but I have not been able to find a reference to this in any of the current information. And so far no one has corrected me. You are probably correct that they used to be in that sort of order.
      I can only presume that they have done an analysis to determine that there is no need for a priority list based on past applications. WA has been seeking to increase its medical workforce, so perhaps they actually need to recruit more medical graduates from other states.

  3. Hi Dr Llewellyn, I am an Australian citizen studying in the UK. I am really, really keen to return to Australia as soon as humanly possible. Should I accept now that there is zero chance of securing an internship and work towards a PGY2 post instead? Thank you very much – this is such a helpful blog.

    1. Hello CG. Yes. You should radically accept that internship is not on the cards and position yourself for a PGY2 post. All the best.

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