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  1. Hi
    Im Russian passed out and finished my amc mcq. And I haven’t done my internship. Is it possible to get here. Or if I go back to Russia and do will be accepted by APHRA?

  2. hi !! i have done MBBS from Kazakhstan without internship , is i am eligible to apply for 1 year internship in Australia ?

  3. Hello, I am a final year medical student (MD candidate) and I will graduate and qualify as a doctor in May 2023. As a final year medical student, I am the acting intern on the floor. I oversee patients in the hospital, pre-round daily on them, write progress and H&P notes, and prepare their discharge papers.
    Do I need to prove internship to the medical board in Australia? Could I just complete my AMC part 1 and apply for a 12 months supervised post?

    1. The requirement to prove an internship with the Medical Board of Australia comes down to whether you need to complete an internship in the country you graduate in. You haven’t indicated that this is the case.

  4. Hi Anthony,
    My daughter will graduate MBBCH in December 2022 from University of Witwatersrand ,Johannesburg, South Africa.
    She wants to do her intership in Australia in 2023. She is a Mauritian national. Please advise the way forward.

    1. Hi
      As noted on this post obtaining an internship in Australia is essentially impossible for IMG doctors. YOur daughter should complete her internship in South Africa and could be attempting the AMC examinations at this point.

  5. Hi Anthony,

    If I have completed my internship (3 months) in Italy and obtained full registration with the Italian Medical Board, am I still required to do an Internship / 12-months supervised practice after passing my AMC MCQ?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi, these are 2 separate questions.
      If the system in Italy is as described you will not need to prove internship to the Medical Board in Australia.
      After completing your AMC Part 1 you will have to find and undertake a 12 month supervised post.

  6. Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for this helpful post! I am in IMG married to an Australian citizen, currently on the pathway towards receiving my permanent residency in Australia. I applied to South Australia’s Rural Internship program and have just been informed that I was granted an interview. Is there any information as to how many people apply, receive interviews, and then receive offers to this program? Additionally, do you have any tips on how to prepare for the interview?

    Thanks again,


    1. I don’t have any statistics for you. But you have done well to get to this stage. You will find plenty of tips about interviews on the blog and youtube channel. I would recommend taking the interview skills course which you can do online at your own pace.

    1. Thanks I would appreciate if you can post some links to my blog on your blog at some point in time.

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