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  1. Hello Dr. Llewellyn,

    I am an IMG and non-Australian wishing to practise medicine in Australia. I have completed internship within my own country of registration. I am contemplating taking AMC MCQ Exam followed by workplace-based assessment in lieu of clinical examination, since the latter’s passing rate is rather low and I don’t want to take the risk after spending several years in non-clinical work settings.

    I heard that Australia has been quite receptive towards medical professionals as the COVID-19 pandemic exerts pressure on existing healthcare system and manpower. Do you consider workplace-based assessment for 12 months followed by provisional registration? If not, what would you suggest? I won’t commit to a particular specialty pathway now and always welcome any feasible choices like emergency medicine or family medicine.

    Thank you very much!


    1. Hello Furukawa
      There are quite a few questions to unpack.
      I will start by indicating that. Yes, there is a wider workforce gap than usual for medicine in Australia so 2022 has been a good year for some IMGs.
      You don’t necessarily have a choice between AMC Clinicals and the WBA Program. The latter depends on whether you can get a post at a WBA site.

  2. Hey Sir,
    I’m a med student studying overseas but I’m an Australian citizen born and raised in Sydney. If I was to pass both AMC parts 1 and 2 what would the relative outlook be on landing a training position as an IMG back home in Sydney?
    Alternatively would it be a more viable option to do 12months of FY1 training in the UK and trying to come back through the Competent Authority Pathway?

  3. Hi Anthony, thanks for this post, I find it really insightful, and as a regular follower of your blog, you’ve been very supportive. As an IMG who has completed IELTS and PLAB, I find the AMC examination and pathway really tedious, apparently more demanding, perhaps discouraging, and would not even bother attempting. I am looking to gain Australian Medical registration via the competent authority pathway, this equally is somewhat puzzling given the pathways to follow. I understand this might just be different regions setting different standards to suite them, but employers have never been more dismissive of Qualifications and experiences!

    1. Apparently, the GMC was accepting some alternate exam results like the AMC if achieved prior to March 2020. I can’t find the direct link for this on their website.

      1. Hello Anthony,
        I have cleared my AMC MCQ in October 2019. Due to low pass rates in AMC clinical, I’m forced to look for other options like PLAB 2.
        Do the GMC accept my AMC MCQ results and allow me to attend PLAB 2? Or do I have to go through the process again?

        1. As far as I am aware the GMC (PLAB) do not accept other partial results for exemptions from their examinations. The same is true for the AMC exams.

  4. Hi there,

    I’m an Australian graduate from medical school completed internship here (PGY7).

    I have not sat the AMC because I already have full registration here. Am I able to apply for GMC registration with this (without a postgraduate qualification)?

    1. Sorry Im not clear where you completed your internship? You are asking a question about whether you can use your Aus medical degree to register in the UK? Unless you have a specialist qualification you have to go via the PLAB route.

  5. Hi, once we have passed AMC I & II, if we have done internship in a foreign country, can we get exemption from the 12 months internship in Australia?

    1. Yes. But you are not asking the right question. You don’t need to do another internship. You still need a 12 month supervised post.

  6. Dear Anthony,

    Why do you think the pass rates for AMC 2 are so low compared to PLAB 2, even though both are supposedly set at the level of a local graduating medical student.

    Would you consider the knowledge required to pass AMC 2 to be at the level of Australian graduates or greater than them? As I have seen the OSCEs the local graduates do and they seem much simpler – comparable to the UK ones.

    Thanks for your response.

    1. Hi Ali

      Its difficult to say but its likely that the standard is higher in Australia. The AMC does calibrate its exams with the Australian medical school exams, i.e. they do compare questions between AMC candidates and medical school graduates.

  7. Sir, Is an IMG who cleared Amc part-1 eligible to directly sit for Plab-2 and If he clears Plab is it considered at par with Amc part 2 and will that enable him to seek provisional registration in Australia? Or do I need to work in the UK under supervision for 12 months in order to get general registration in Australia? Wouldnt it be a better alternative for the IMG s to give plab 2 and thus bypass the tougher and costlier AMC -2 and gain general registration in Austrlia that way?? Would appreciate your input please..

    1. Hi RJ there are many differing views on whether its best to do the PLAB route or AMC. My view is if you want to work in Australia then do the AMC as it is the most direct option. So far as I am aware PLAB won’t accept the AMC Part 1 as an alternative for their Part 1.

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