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medical recruitment agent
medical recruitment agencies
Anthony Llewellyn

Medical Recruitment Agencies: Should You Use One? Independent Review

A question I am often asked by other doctors is when is a medical recruitment agency a good idea. Not surprisingly when you google this topic you get a list of articles written by medical recruitment agencies so I felt it would be useful to add an independent perspective. Some of the key reasons you…

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The AMC Exam
AMC Exam
Nawaf Dandachi

Australian Medical Council Exam: How Hard? Preparing for AMC Exam.

Part of a Series on All You need to know about the Medical Career Pathway in Australia. If you search enough on Google and look enough on facebook you will readily find lots of opinions about the Australian Medical Council examinations process. Given that a lot of the readers of this blog are international doctors…

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Can US doctors work in Australia
Anthony Llewellyn

US Doctors Can Work In Australia. There Are Two Main Options.

Whilst the number of enquiries for help I have had from US doctors is slightly less than say, for example, UK doctors, the prospects for US doctors working in Australia are pretty much on a par. There are a couple of main options for US doctors to work in Australia. So the answer to the…

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do interns get paid
Anthony Llewellyn

Yes. Medicals Interns Get Paid In Australia – Doctors Pay

A question we get asked reasonably frequently is whether medical interns get paid in Australia. Often this comes from doctors working in other countries. We think the main confusion occurs around the concept of an intern in a medical setting and an intern in the corporate setting. In relation to the question of whether medical…

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medical culture Dr Kadota
creative doctors

11 Creative Ideas To Change The Sick Medical Culture Today

We were all appalled to read yet another blog post about yet another trainee doctor badly treated on a regular basis by the system that we all belong to. Who are we? A group of clinicians who aggregate around an idea that we can be innovative in medicine. Our thoughts naturally turned to rage as…

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RMO interview questions
Anthony Llewellyn

Top 16 Resident Medical Officer Interview Questions With Answers.

I wrote this post as I have been collecting questions that are typically asked at RMO interviews. In particular this may help International Medical Graduates who are fortunate enough to be offered an interview for an RMO level type job. Tell us about your experience and how it makes you a suitable candidate? A member…

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