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AdvanceMed Interview Panel
doctor interview question
Anthony Llewellyn

Is “Tell Us About Your Experience?” The Laziest Interview Question Of All Time?

The standard of medical interview panels can vary considerably. Some times great thought goes into the questions put to candidates. Sometimes not. The other day I heard about an interview panel for a Resident Medical Officer (junior doctor) position where the questions put to candidates were extremely predictable: “Why do you want to work here?”

intern transition
Anthony Llewellyn

Welcome to the #PrevocSpace

A hearty congratulations to making it to this exciting phase of your career.  Around Australia and New Zealand January is the time of year that we welcome a bunch of new doctors to our profession as part of the intern transition. Here are 11 tips on handling the transition that I originally shared with the

career goal statement
Career Goal Statements
Anthony Llewellyn

What is a Career Goal Statement & Why Include it on Your CV?

The purpose of having a career goal statement is to give you a clear and inspiring direction for the future. The reason you may wish to include one in your CV is to convey this information to those involved in the selection process. A really good career goal statement will help the person who reviews

medical recruitment
Anthony Llewellyn

Gain insights into the medical recruitment specialty selection process

I am often asked to give advice to medical trainees about how to best prepare for annual medical recruitment and the specialty selection process. In my career, I have sat in on upwards of a thousand interviews and seen several more thousand CVs and applications. Like all things in medicine, preparation and practice can really